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In 2017, gain a whole new perspective on Edgar Cayce’s core principle that “mind is the builder” and what it means for you. It’ll change your life for the better!

Mind As Builder


America's most amazing seer, Edgar Cayce, and the organization (A.R.E.) that grew from those early beginnings, provides tools for personal development and spiritual growth. Join with us and thousands of others on this great soul journey, and you’ll receive Mind As Builder: The Positive-Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce*, and 50% off your Membership.

In this electrifying and practical book, acclaimed author Mitch Horowitz explores the inner meaning of Edgar Cayce’s positive-mind principles, and how to use them in your life. With brevity and precision, Mitch combines history and hands-on instruction to open a new window on power of thought, the ways that current science is validating metaphysics, and how to use Cayce’s mind philosophy to improve and expand your life.

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