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Author Guidelines for A.R.E. Press and 4th Dimension Press

What We Publish

The mission of A.R.E.'s publishing divisions is to further the work of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., by publishing materials that support the organization's goal of helping people change their lives for the better through books, DVDs, and CDs featuring topics related to the work of Edgar Cayce and/or like-minded materials in the fields of spirituality, intuition, psychic abilities, ancient mysteries, philosophy, comparative religious studies, personal and spiritual development, and holistic health.

We are especially open to proposals from authors whose expertise lies in one of these subject areas, who have a successful publishing record, and who are known to the public and to the media for their experience.

We also welcome proposals from first-time authors who can demonstrate a command of the writing craft in their initial proposals and who have familiarity and experience with the Cayce material.

Our primary interest is in nonfiction manuscripts that relate in a meaningful and positive way to concepts in the Cayce material or concepts related to above topics.

Only in rare instances are we able to review proposals for fiction or children's books, and those proposals must be of exceptional quality. We do not accept proposals for poetry, music, or art at this time.

How to Submit a Proposal

Please be sure to include the following:

  1. About the author: Author bio; Social Media presence; Previous titles (or indicate if you are a new author).
  2. Table of Contents.
  3. Sample chapter.
  4. One-two paragraphs summarizing content.
  5. Target audience and explanation of “why” your book is a good fit for A.R.E. Press.

Submit Proposal

If we are interested in your proposal, you should hear back in 4-6 weeks.