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Understanding Intense Dreams

In the Cayce philosophy, dreams can be a recapping and assessment of the previous day’s events, an important message from our soul, an actual visionary experience, or a subconscious reaction to an imbalance in the body.

If you are having intense dream experiences, first, pay attention to the needs of your physical body. Notice the types of food you are eating prior to bedtime. Excessive sweets or foods that are heavy or highly spiced may be requiring much of your body’s energy for digestion at a time when it is also trying to relax and let go. Consider making an appointment with a chiropractor or osteopath to be sure that your body is in the proper alignment. And allow enough time for deep restful sleep so that you can completely set aside the thoughts and cares of the day. 

Cayce reports that most dreams fall into the daily recapping and assessment category, with your higher self serving as the dream maker. In these dreams, you are given the opportunity to see how your thoughts and actions compare to your ideals – the person that you truly want to be. Study your dreams to discover if they reflect a theme or behavior in your life.

If dreams are intense or recurring, this may indicate an area of your life that demands your attention. Very often you will find clues to positive change right within the dreams themselves. Just remember that in most cases, your dreams are for your benefit…providing insights into ways you can change and grow.