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Edgar Cayce Health Database

Excerpts on Attitude Adjustment from the Edgar Cayce Readings

Q. What should I do to improve my mental condition in regards to ailments?
A. Think in a wholly constructive manner; that is, as this: There is creative in the system that which may meet the needs of the physical body in its everyday activity, and sufficient to store energy for the resuscitation of used forces. Make that known in self. As the mind accepts a condition as being positive, it acts upon that condition, yet when negative forces are continually set before self, and expected - and the expectancy is as of such to make the reaction of such a nature as to destroy, then negative forces become the more active. Necessary, then, the body - any body - keep the near normal of a constructive building in the mind; for MIND is the Builder. (202-4)

Each soul should gain this as its basis for activity: The mental IS the builder. Hence the mental attitude has much to do with the physical conditions of the body, but it does not set broken bones; neither does it strengthen ligaments that have been stretched through activities that have gradually drawn in a body.
But the attitude of mind, if it is from the spiritual forces and desires, will bring that which will build a life and an experience of peace, harmony and happiness. (565-1)

Keep an attitude of using that thou hast in thine own mental and spiritual self, not as for self alone - but let thine own life, mean more and more to those that thou meetest day by day. If thou would have friends, show thyself friendly. If thou would have joy and peace and harmony in thine own experience, show that unto thy fellow man. For with what judgment ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. (723-1)

There needs be first, as given, the consideration as to the mental reactions. For unless we can keep or maintain coordinant or correlative forces between the MENTAL balance and physical balance, what use is a physical reaction?...
Q. How long should this treatment be continued in this manner before a change is made?
A. For twenty-eight days, and we would find changes verifying much that has been given. If there is the reaction that is indicated, by keeping the mental forces NOT pessimistic (as it is) but optimistic - as of opportunities for greater service in the material world. (1475-1)

For, have ye not heard how that constantly there is the change, and that the body has in a seven-year cycle reproduced itself entirely? No need for anyone, then, to have ANY disturbance over that length of period, if - by common sense - there would be care taken. But if your mind holds to it, and you've got a stumped toe, it will stay stumped! If you've got a bad condition in your gizzard, or liver, you'll keep it - if you think so!
But the body, - the physical, the mental and spiritual, - will remove same, if ye will LET it and not hold to the disturbance! (257-249)

Do as we have indicated; but make the self - in thought, in activity - not only good, but good FOR something; and forget any of the crosses or disturbances. (2469-1)

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.