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... with a companion constantly that would make for those engagements mentally and physically in activities that are constructive and yet, with patience and persistence, have those activities carried on in such a way as to make for constructive thinking, constructive activity, both as to the association and as to the speech, and as to the environment.
With such there must necessarily go patience, loving-kindness, grace, mercy, and patience with those activities that make for little of fear, yet positive in the speech, in the associations, and yet giving place and vent to those periods when there may be seen those reactions from the physical and mental that are not - as yet - wholly under the submerged activity of these repressions created in an incoordinating system. (271-1)

To be sure, it will require that there be a constant attendant; and one physically able to handle the body, but NOT in a manner of other than kindness, patience, and with LOVING care - rather than the attempts to further break down the self-expression ....
The impulses of the imaginative system [sympathetic system] must be quieted through gentleness and kindness, yet positiveness.
And let such an one, who has the care of the body, be one not lacking in prayer and in love for the fellow man.

Q. What environment would be suggested, where these directions might be followed?
A. As indicated, where there is care; an attendant, constantly and where there is a loving and not a HORRIBLE environment! (1789-1)

As we find, if there would be the better influences or forces, there would be those manners followed as indicated - under the supervision of a sympathetic nurse, that would be always close with the body ....

Q. Is the body in a condition to be moved from the hospital?
A. Only if it is under the careful supervision of one competent to handle the situations.

Do not attempt to move until some one has known all the details and is willing (not merely for the money but because of the sympathy, the Christian spirit) to ASSUME the responsibility and care for this body.

And that will be the manner in which one may be chosen for such an office, - to see, to know ALL the situations, see? Not just to be hired, but one that would give of self for the aiding of someone ....

Q. If Hanser is willing, would it be a good place for the body to remain instead of present hospital?
A. This depends upon just what has been given. It isn't merely the willingness that is necessary, - it should be one that is DESIROUS, see?

Willing for hire is one thing, - willing because of the love and the human element is another, - willing because of the physical, mental and spiritual experiences is still another ....

But if those who are desirous of being of help will pray ABOUT it, they will receive direction!

Do that.

This is not merely for show, not merely for sympathy, - but that there may be the will, as indicated, for the recovery of the abilities of this body. (1789-2)

Then, we would put the body under the supervision of a sympathetic nurse, in pleasant environs, where more liberties may be had and yet less incoordinated activity accorded for the physical body.

The requirements for such a nurse would be, first: One of a sympathetic nature; not merely desiring a job of care, but one versed in psychological aspects of human reaction, ESPECIALLY in a SPIRITUAL way and manner ....

This one - the nurse - must be spiritual-minded, and not merely seeking a material occupation. (2248-1)

We find that this condition may be better attended to not in an institution; while it will require care, close observation, and for a time at least there should be had a close companion with the body ....

Do these, - and as we find the environ of the home will be much more satisfactory; for the body as well as for the mother; but do have the companion in the first few weeks anyway. (2465-1)

This would require, to be sure, that the body be released to a competent nurse, and the care would preferably be where there will be the ability for the entity to apply itself in some useful activity. The more out-of-doors, the better.

This can be accomplished, if there is first obtained such a caretaker for the body ....

Q. Just where should these treatments be followed?
A. As has just been indicated, where there would be some individual who would care for this body, and in the attitude of doing it not for the money, but for love of the fellow-man. Yes, there are many who will do so. These can be obtained, as we find, should there be the desiring to change to the farm for such, in Massachusetts.

Q. In what way can his mother best help him?
A. By the act of the life itself, as indicated, and by assisting those who will aid those in assisting this boy. (5405-1)

... and this, as we find, would require one very strong in character, in purpose, in application ....
Q. Where can such a nurse be found?
A. It will require many searchings out, but there be many that may be found. Seek if ye would find. (5598-1)

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