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We would be very mindful that there are those massages by the neuropath to gently relax the body, and we will bring those means for greater help for these disturbances in the present. (5114-1)

After this has been done about two weeks, then let a good neuropath - not an osteopath, but a neuropath - follow the nerve forces along the whole length of the spine, gently, once each day, until about 15 or 18 such treatments are taken. (5095-1)

On the second dose of the ash we would begin with a thorough massage, more in the form of the NEUROPATHIC massage, beginning in the central portion of the body and working TO the extremities, rather than beginning in the extremities and working to the central portion. (4715-1)

Q. Should this treatment be given by an osteopath or chiropractor?
A. Better by a neuropath than by either - an osteopath who understands his business can give it. Regular massage to nerve and circulatory centers, rather than by structural leverage, to relax and contract the muscular forces. This should be more. We have a deep lesion at the fifth and sixth dorsal - on either side - deep lesion. (3995-2)

In this same period there should be the thorough massage in the neuropathic manner; not wholly that of the Swedish or the osteopathic massage, but NEUROPATHIC massage -coming from, or in conjunction with, those of the SYMPATHETIC nerve system of the body. This we would give at least TWICE each day, WHEN there are those disorders - see - either from the abrasions, sickness of the stomach, or this quick pulsation of the heart. At other periods they should be done once a day. (3938-1)

Q. Should anyone in particular administer the massages?
A. One that will not attempt to make ADJUSTMENTS! Rather just a massage; a Swedish massage, or something of that nature would be better than osteopathic or chiropractic, or neuropathic. Neuropathic would be well, if they would work from the body OUT, not from the extremities in! (3842-1)

Once each week, - preferably neuropathically administered, - we would have a gentle massage; along the areas where cerebrospinal and sympathetic nerve forces coordinate, especially or specifically the 1st and 2nd cervical, 3rd and 4th cervical, 1st and 2nd dorsal, 9th dorsal, and through the sacral area; also the bursae of the lymph circulation both along the spine, or the outer edge of the area where the sympathetic cord directs along the spine, and in front at the throat or thorax, extending clear to the pubic center. Have this gentle massage at least once each week. (3123-1)

We would stimulate by neuropathic massage the bursae of the lymph centers along the frontal portion of body, from just below the thyroid area to the areas about the pubic center; also the centers along the spinal area - from the base of the brain to the end of the spine, or in the coccyx area. If these are gently stimulated to activity, we find that it will aid in prolonging those abilities of the body to function under the stress in which this condition is activative.
But do find out, seek out, neuropathically, those ganglia or bursae or centers as indicated - on either side in the frontal portion of the body, as well as along the spinal area. (3070-1)

Each day have a neuropathic or a general masseuse treatment. This will not always be easy. This does not mean given chiropractically, nor osteopathically, but NEURO- PATHICALLY - or by a masseuse or masseur that will follow the nerves, or who knows the anatomical structure of the body sufficiently to follow the nerve ends from their source of impulse from the cerebrospinal system to the limbs - meaning the lower limbs as well as the upper where there is more of the disturbance in the present, in the arms and hands and elbows. When the massage is given, use Olive Oil and Tincture of Myrrh, equal portions. Heat the Oil to add the Myrrh, see? Dip the fingers in same and massage - in the manner indicated- in a NEUROPATHIC manner. (1659-1)

Q. Should the massage be given by an osteopath or a general masseuse?
A. A masseuse, preferably. One that would follow the nerves along the system, as a neuropath. (1542-1)

We would have also periods of three weeks when almost every day there would be the NEUROPATHIC massage, such that the whole of the circulation is not so much disturbed but quieted; making for those specific treatments in the lumbar area and to the lower limbs, the 9th dorsal area and those to the stomach, to the liver, to the spleen; those from the brachial centers or from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dorsal, and naturally the allaying of those in the upper cervicals or the vegetative system and the vagus center and to the head, to keep the body quiet. Such a treatment would be given each day for three weeks; rest a week, and then again. (1202-3)

Q. Should joints be massaged, and how often?
A. In the beginning, we will find that the massage would begin in the coccyx, lumbar and sacral regions, and followed on out to the very ENDS of nerves. Not so much of the joints manipulation alone, but following nerve ENDS, see? It will be more of the neuropathic massage than wholly osteopathic, though it may be given in an OSTEOPATHIC manner, not just USING the flexus and plexus in joints or in vertebra and manipulation from a center; but BEGIN from a center and move OUTWARD WITH the movement. (952-1)

But during the week of rest we would have the gentle massage along the cerebrospinal system; not adjustments, not corrections in segments, but rather in the manner of a neuropathic massage. Beginning in the 9th dorsal area, follow the nerve centers along UPWARD - out to the fingertips, over the shoulders and to the head. Then beginning at the 9th dorsal go downward, over the sciatic centers, the locomotory centers, to the end of the toes. This would be for the week; recharging the Wet Cell forces, and then begin again. (831-1)

Also we would have thorough manipulations, PREFERABLY - as we find - given in a NEUROPATHIC manner; that is, commence with the central portion of the body, following the nerve ends towards the extremities - as from the 9th and 10th dorsal towards the lower portion of the body; then begin at the 9th and 10th dorsal and go towards the head and to the arms. We would have such treatments at least three times each week for at least two or three weeks. Then rest or leave them off for two or three weeks. Then repeat. (804-1)

Each day we would have - not an osteopathic manipulation or a chiropractic treatment, but - a Swedish massage or a neuropathic treatment; beginning with the central nerve plexus - that is, when treating from the cerebrospinal system, begin with the 9th dorsal and work towards the extremities, using the muscular forces and the nerve ends to follow same out - rather than using the BODY forces as leverages. For each muscle, each tendon, should be followed out to its end, you see. Also, when beginning with the massage over the frontal portion, begin with the solar plexus or umbilici plexus and work downward - over the lower limbs to the feet and toes, see? and upward extending, of course, to the fingertips and to the head and top of the head, throat and neck. (638-1)

Following each treatment there should be the MASSAGE - not deep manipulation, but the MASSAGE of the MUSCULAR forces, FOLLOWING OUT the nerve ends from each ganglia very much in the line of the NEUROPATHIC application of massage, see? (602-1)

And at least every week have a general thorough hand massage; not osteopathic manipulations, but rather that of the neuropathic nature - or the activity that follows the nerves from the central portion of the body to the extremities, see?
Q. Neuropathic treatment is suggested. Can you tell me who -
A. (Interrupting) Any good masseuse, you see. (571-1)

First we would begin with the neuropathic applications for the body, making the treatments to follow the nerve impulses from solar plexus center - or 9th dorsal downward to the extremities; then from the solar plexus upward - as TOWARDS the arms or OUT the arms from the brachial plexus or center. These we would take every day for periods of two weeks, and then rest from same a period; for in this manner they will be much more activative. (550-8)

We would also have the general massage as may be neuropathically given, beginning in the central portion of the body, following same along the nerves from the 9th dorsal to the upper portion of the body - even to the tips of the fingers; then from the 9th dorsal DOWNWARD to the very tips of toes; rubbing AWAY FROM the body rather than to same. (550-5)

Q. Would osteopathic treatments be any more needed at this time?
A. They would be beneficial. Of course, the body may do without them but they would be beneficial. The gentle treatments such as the NEUROPATHIC would be really more beneficial to the body than too much adjustments, - that is, more like the Swedish massage, see? (543-28)

At least twice each week we would have a general distribution of the forces through the activities of the muscles and nerves in the system, as from the NEUROPATHIC application - which follows the nerve forces throughout. Or these may be taken each day, not so long a period of application. Or there may be taken the osteopathic manipulation, that may be a GENERAL massage; not as a correction of the segments along the spine, but as to make for organic distribution of energies as the functioning organs are aided to not only create a balance in themselves but a coordination of the gland circulation and gland functioning through those properties as given. (532-1)

The neuropathic administration means following the nerve centers when there are the administrations of the massage. This MAY be done by a masseur or masseuse, if such an one is or will become well acquainted with the anatomical and the pathological reactions of nerve pressures in those areas from which the disturbances arise, both in the lower lumbar areas in this body and through the areas of the mammary glands; as well as for the throat, head and neck. (464-24)

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