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... in an [therapeutic] environ that is as growth - and the body physically and mentally treated as an individual, a unit, rather than as a class or a mass consideration, much better conditions may be brought for the body ....
First, as we would find then, it would be necessary that there be a change in the environment and surroundings of the body; to a clean atmosphere, in plenty of sunshine and out-of-door activity ....

Q. Please suggest name of best place for him to go for these treatments.
A. In the country somewhere, with an attendant, where the environment may be made such as we have outlined! One that would be with him at all times! (271-1)

Q. When he is depressed or moody, which would be the most successful way to cooperate or help him?
A. The most successful way is to accomplish this through the suggestive forces of the body, as we have indicated.

As for material meeting of conditions, these are in accord with that given: Patience, loving-kindness, and the like. Not too positive, as to create that of animosity. Not too sympathetic, as to make for pitying of self. But rather that which makes for constructive influences for the surroundings of the body. (271-2)

And let the conversation ever be of creative forces, Life - life's activities! Not any that is of a destructive nature, in any way or manner! ...

Remember, you are dealing with mental recuperative forces; and conditions act upon the mind just as would be experienced in the development of a six to eight, to twelve year old child!

But the mind is being rebuilded! Give it the proper things to build upon! Else there will be found that the reactions and tendencies will be towards those things destructive, or whatever is taken in the mind.

Speak, act, think constructively about the body! Some may consider it a hard job, but it's worth it - and it's worth it to themselves, because it'll make'em live better, if they'll do it! (271-4)

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.