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In his psychic discourses, Edgar Cayce made numerous references to longevity. In several "life" readings in which he explained reincarnation and described prehistoric civilizations (such as Atlantis), he noted that in previous eras the human lifespan had been much longer than in the present. He stated that it was not unusual for individuals to live to be several hundred years old.

This theme was sometimes elaborated in follow-up readings when he was asked about the practicality of multi-century lives. In one exemplary case involving a man who was told that he had been active for 177 years in a past life, a follow-up reading was given which listed the various aspects of longevity, including specific and general recommendations for extending human life. Reading 2533-6 begins with an excellent discussion of the role of heredity and genetics on life expectancy, health and illness. Mr. 2533 is told that he had inherited a tendency for a glandular imbalance:

"As we have indicated for the body, there are certain tendencies, certain weaknesses that are present in the body. They are not diseases, - these are rather dis-eases, when certain stresses or strains are brought to bear in the mental, in the spiritual and physical experience of the entity."

The stressor identified by Cayce included improper diet and a tendency to become frustrated and then get down on himself and others, even after the incident had passed. This pattern of genetic weakness which can be triggered by stress is an example of the concept of "diathesis/stress."

This man was encouraged to adapt a more balanced lifestyle including improved diet and regular exercise. From a mental and spiritual standpoint, he was told to focus on an ideal to change the expectancy of aging and death:

"The tendencies as to the ideal are well. As to whether ye keep same, this ye determine in thine own mind. But ideals are not your mind, - ideals are principles acted upon BY the mind. But remember, just as that expectancy - because your great, great, great, great grandfather died you will die too - is there, and is part of the expectancy of every cell of your body! It can be eradicated, yes. How? By that constant activity within self of expectancy that this condition does not HAVE to happen to you!"

This reading also emphasized the importance of having a definite spiritual purpose for living. This was a common theme in many of the readings which discussed longevity: "... you will live as long as you desire and do good for others." (5223-1)

Edgar Cayce used the expression "preventative measures" in reference to certain basic therapies and practices. Regular use of hydrotherapy, osteopathic treatment and electrotherapy (particularly the Radial Appliance) combined with exercise, proper diet and meditation were consistently recommended to prevent illness and extend life.

In addition to these general preventative modalities, the readings also contain specific suggestions for extending the lifespan. For example, reading 120-5 stated that using gold and silver with the electrical appliances (such as the Radial Appliance) could double the life expectancy.

Reading 311-4 states that if "the assimilations and the eliminations would be kept nearer NORMAL in the human family, the days might be extended to whatever period as was so desired." This reading contains some practical advice about how to eat food to improve assimilations and eliminations. Reading 311-4 also describes a simple meditative technique which focuses on the pineal gland to reduce stress. Interestingly, in a reading given for himself (294-141), Edgar Cayce observed, "Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old - you will always be young!" This sentiment was also expressed in another important reading on longevity (900-465).

Finally, keep in mind the importance of balanced living: "MODERATION is the key to success or longevity!" (294-130)

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