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Longing for Longevity?

Human longevity is a much discussed subject throughout the world. We all want to live a long time, it seems, if we can be vigorous and relatively healthy in the process and our minds are clear. All valid information points toward the concept that if the mind is kept active in creative matters, it will continue to function well with the passage of the years. The Cayce readings substantiate such an idea. From Russia and other parts of the world, we find there are people who have lived far beyond the traditional three-score-and-ten, a fact which proves that it is possible to do so. Whether we catch and hold the formula for doing it is another question. There is a story which received world-wide publicity about a Russian who died recently at the age of 169. Now comes another story about two Russians (these stories completely credible) who are at the 140-year mark. Khfar Lasuria has lived 140 years in the town of Kutol which is just east of the Black Sea in the mountainous southern part of the Soviet Union. She celebrated her 140th birthday with her husky, vigorous-looking 100-year-old son by her side. She has worked most of her life in the tea plantations and citrus orchards of the region and has reportedly never been seriously ill and never visited a doctor.

Medzhid Drudzhogli Agayev is in his 140th year, has never stopped working since he was 19 years of age, and plans to retire this winter on a pension. He has a family of 151 members, including his second wife who is 83 years old.

The secret? The Cayce source implied that all knowledge is available within, if we seek patiently, persistently and consistently. It's interesting that Agayev lives across the mountains, southeast of Kutol, in the town of Tikyaband, not far from Shushtar, Iran, where the City of the Hills and the Plains was located. According to the readings, this was a place central to one of the past incarnations of Edgar Cayce, when he was at that time the developer of a healing center which became known far and wide.

[Note: The preceding report was written by William McGarey, M. D. and is excerpted from The A.R.E. Journal, September, 1975, Volume 10, No. 5, page 122, Copyright © 1975 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.]

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