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Manual Therapy as an Adjunct to Electrotherapy

[NOTE: The Following section is excerpted from Principles & Techniques of Nerve Regeneration by David McMillian]

Cayce often recommended various forms of manual therapy [osteopathy, massage, neuropathy, etc.] to compliment the use of electrotherapy. The two most common recommendations were for massage immediately following an electrotherapy session and for a general coordinating treatment [usually osteopathic] once or twice a week. The rationale for using manual therapy was to help the body assimilate and distribute the vibratory energies provided by the electrical treatments. Here is an example of the use of manual therapy treatments to help distribute vibrational energies from the Wet Cell Battery:

Periodically, once a week, we would have the distributing of these energies [Wet Cell Battery] through the body by mechanical means, - that is, the osteopathic or Mechanical - Therapy treatments; not chiropractic methods here, but those that carry over between the neuropath and the osteopathy - stimulating glandular centers; that is, where the lack of coordination has existed in the larger patches - between the sympathetic and the cerebrospinal system. These should be stimulated to activity - the coccyx, the 4th lumbar, 9th dorsal, 3rd and 4th and 2nd dorsal, 3rd cervical, 1st and 2nd cervical - along the spine. Also there should be the stimulation on the frontal portion of the body at the base of the thorax, just at the pit of the stomach, and at the pubic centers. Stimulate all of these areas once each week, and we will gradually find the body gaining strength. (3324-1)

Note the references to coordination, nerve centers, and stimulation as have been discussed in earlier sections. Also note the preference for osteopathic or neuropathic treatment over chiropractic. This preference relates to the distinction between specific corrections and treatments which focus on regulation and coordination. The manipulations described in the above quote are definitely of a regulatory nature. They are not intended to correct any specific structural abnormality. They are the type of manipulations included above in the general osteopathic treatment.

Cayce also recommended massage as a form of manual therapy to distribute vibrational energies after use of the electrical appliances. Cayce described the rational for massage after using the Wet Cell Battery in the following excerpt:

(Q) What will this Vibratory Gold Solution and massage treatment accomplish?
(A) It SHOULD accomplish that as we have indicated. As to what, it will depend upon the purpose and manner with which the treatments are administered. The massage only assists the impulse for activity from the nerve centers and ganglia to be directed in the activities of the functioning portions of the system that are controlled by certain reflexes or certain impulses created in same.

Just as in that where there may be a clogged line or a dammed stream. If there are particles removed, it allows the greater flow of activity. And these impulses for mental and physical reaction are necessary for the body to coordinate properly. Hence the massage should assist in the impulses being carried from assimilated forces to the activities of the mental, the physical and the spiritual self. (1553-5)

Thus, coordination was increased by "unclogging" the nerve plexus and ganglia thereby allowing the impulses to pass freely to the organs of the system. The pattern of spinal massage and manipulation was often specified in the readings along with a mixture of oils to be rubbed into the body to nourish and stimulate the nerve centers and lymph and emunctory patches which coordinate the cerebrospinal and sympathetic nerve systems. For an excellent description of the use of massage and oils, see Edgar Cayce's Massage, Hydrotherapy & Healing Oils: Health Through Coordination & Purification of Key Body Systems (Duggan & Duggan, 1989). This book is a valuable resource on the use of massage, hydrotherapy and healing oils in assisting with coordination, eliminations and the distribution of body energies.

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