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The following is an excerpt from Treatment by Neuropath and the Encyclopedia of Physical and Manipulative Therapeutics compiled by Thomas T. Lake, N.D., D.C.

"Over fifty years ago some venturesome members of that [medical] profession began research and experiment along the lines of controlling the circulation by manipulation of the nervous system. The result of all their efforts was the discovery and tabulation of nerve segments that would act as vaso dilators and constrictors to the circulations and various organs and tissues. Then, second: Neuropathy was unique at the time of its announcement to the profession as being the only form of a two-fold treatment by control, at will, of the nervous system, stimulation or acceleration, sedation and inhibition. The first, a quickening of the nervous system with a corresponding increase in circulation and energizing of organs and tissues; the second, a quieting of the nervous system with a corresponding decrease in circulation and activity in the organs or tissues of the segmental area.... Third, it is unique because it was a departure from the harsh manipulations of those early days." (Page ix, date unknown)

A. P. Davis was the self-professed founder of neuropathy. Following is a selection from his Neuropathy: The New Science of Drugless Healing Amply Illustrated and Explained (1909). Note the reference to "coordination" of nerve forces, a key concept in the Cayce readings.

"The discovery of these two divisions of the nervous system [cerebrospinal and sympathetic] opened up a new field for study, and let in a flood of light upon the question of the causes of the various conditions known as disease - pathological conditions - and presented to me an entirely different view to that of the commonly accepted theory of disease - its causes, etc. We assert that all diseases are traceable to a disturbance in some way of one or both of these systems of nerves which we denominate the positive and the negative forces of life. We assume also that, without the coordination of these forces, the whole system is in a state of unbalance, is out of harmony with itself; and however slight the discrepancy, there is always to be found the cause in one or the other of these different divisions of the nervous system, and that, when righted, united, the effects then perceivable cease at once." (Page 36)

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