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Edgar Cayce Health Database


Cayce's medical clairvoyance can hardly be disputed in view of the nearly 9,000 readings given on the physical illnesses of people - and the subsequent validation of so many of them. However, clairvoyance takes many forms, and I was fascinated by one that I came across not too long ago. Do you know, for instance, how the pineal gland is connected to the brain? I did a good deal of reading before I came across that little-discussed fact. I don't think I learned it in medical school at all - in fact. I’m not sure when it was anatomically discovered. It is highly unlikely that Cayce could ever have had access to that particular bit of information. In 1928, however, he gave a reading in which he discussed the pineal as a functioning gland and pinned down its neural connections. Here's what he said, in part: "... also that of the pineal gland's connection with the brain forces in the 1st and 2nd cervical ..." (5691-2)

From the texts, one finds that anatomical studies have shown that the pineal gland, although lying in close proximity to the brain, almost surrounded by the brain tissue, has no connection to the brain except through the superior cervical ganglion of the autonomic nervous system - the ganglion paralleling the first three cervical segments of' the spinal cord. It is the little items like this that impress me most dramatically about Cayce's clairvoyance and his insight into the human body.

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