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The Edgar Cayce Health Database


Edgar Cayce consistently emphasized the importance of drinking pure water on a daily basis for health maintenance and healing. In general 6 - 8 glasses of water per day were suggested. In taking the water, be sure to allow it to mix with saliva so as to produce an alkaline reaction in the stomach. The image of "chewing liquids" (even water) was used by Cayce to encourage proper assimilation.

In general, the Cayce readings note that it is beneficial to have water in the stomach as food is digested, hence it may be helpful to drink water before and after meals. However, the caution against using water to "wash down" (bolt) food that has not been thoroughly masticated was made by Cayce on numerous occasions.

Cayce Quotes on Drinking Water

In the matter of diet for the body - these, we find, are quite varied under circumstances and conditions over which the body often hasn't the control [due to being a traveling man?]. Most of all, train self never to bolt the food. Take TIME to assimilate, masticate, so that ASSIMILATION is well - and we will find that with these kept, with an EVEN balance between those that produce acid and those that make for the alkalin, if well balanced will digest under most all circumstances. Well to drink ALWAYS PLENTY of water, before meals and after meals - for, as has oft been given, when any food value ENTERS the stomach IMMEDIATELY the stomach becomes a storehouse, or a medicine chest that may create all the elements necessary for proper digestion within the system. If this FIRST is acted upon by aqua pura, the reactions are more near normal. Well, then, each morning upon first arising, to take a half to three-quarters of a glass of WARM water; not so hot that it is objectionable, not so tepid that it makes for sickening but this will clarify the system of poisons. This well especially for this body. Occasionally a pinch of salt should be added to this draught of water. (311-4)

(Q) Is the water the body is using alright?
(A) Just use about three times as much, yes! Keep the STOMACH dilated, see? The tendency - with the action of conditions existent in the pneumogastric system, on account of poor assimilation - for the body to feel that over-loading causes depression, prevents the stomach from assimilating or being dilated properly. Remember, the stomach itself - the walls of the stomach - the medicine chest of the body, and when digestion begins in the mouth - even when food is taken - it changes in its chemical reaction at least four times through the system, and the stomach must be kept dilated so that this may receive the proper essential elements as created in the system for proper assimilation. (4244-1)

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