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Exercise is an important recommendation in the Edgar Cayce readings. However, it is not often discussed in the printed publications dealing with this information. At a medical symposium held here in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rex Conyers distributed a paper on exercise with which you should all be acquainted. I'll try to share some of this information with you, but first it would be pertinent to quote something from the readings dealing with this subject.

It seems that the most important thing about exercise is the consistency of the program one establishes. The head and neck exercise was recommended frequently for visual problems:

When we remove the pressures of the toxic forces we will improve the vision. Also the head and neck exercise will be most helpful.
Take this regularly, not taking it sometimes and leaving off some. times, but each morning and each evening take this exercise regularly for six months an :we will see a great deal of difference: Sitting erect, bend the head forward three times, to the back three times, to the right side three times, to the left side three times, and then circle the head each way three times. Don't hurry through with it but take the time to do it. We will get results. (3549-1)

And then in still another reading he emphasized the regularity and told perhaps why lack of consistency would be harmful. Cayce suggested in this case that the man walk and do the head and neck exercise while walking.

Now, do not undertake it one morning and then say "it rained and I couldn't get out," or "I've got to go somewhere else," and think there aren't those despot conditions that rebel at not having their morning walk! (2533-6)

In my work with many individuals who would like to extend their useful and vital years, I have encouraged them to do exercises which will keep the spine flexible. Cayce suggested that the one movement that will make for longevity better than any other is the stretching movement of the cat. These seem to me to be similar in their accomplishment.

Dr. Conyers advised those adopting such exercises to begin with this affirmation: "Father , God, I will that this activity creates in me a greater channel that Thy will be done." Three of the Conyers 36 specific exercises might give you the flavor of what he thinks would be beneficial for every person.

#2. Vertical: Stand with feet apart. Stretch on your toes and while doing so breathe deeply. Stretch your arms one at a time as high as you can and while stretching make a fist. Alternate the arms while coming tip on your toes and breathing deeply.

#5. Vertical: Place your arms (forearms) on your hips, rise up on your toes and then do deep knee bends to the count of three. After a short period of time, you will be able to maintain your balance quite easily. You should inhale deeply as you rise on your toes and then exhale completely as you do the complete "squat." Then inhale deeply as you come to the upright position again, attempting to stay on your toes. Exhale once again as you bend your knees to the exercise as often as you wish.

#21. Begin by sitting on the floor with legs outstretched in front of you as far as possible. First, bend forward from the waist and reach for one outstretched foot with both hands. Hold the tension for a few seconds, then release and sit back with hands in your lap or at your sides. Then repeat the stretching movement, grasping for the other foot, holding the tension and return to sitting position with body erect. Repeat this exercise several times.

Conyers points out that the readings imply rather strongly that the vertical exercises should come in the morning upon arising from sleep. The horizontal type exercises, then, come in the evening before retiring. Cayce suggests that one should prepare himself for the activity to be undertaken by assuming that position in exercise that he would be maintaining in that given activity. "Don't forget walking," Conyers points out. It is the one exercise Cayce recommends above all others!

[Note: The preceding report was written by William A. McGarey M.D., and is excerpted from The A.R.E. Journal, November, 1975, Volume 10, No. 6, page 273, Copyright © 1975 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Virginia Beach, VA.]

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.