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The Edgar Cayce Health Database


Edgar Cayce often recommended specific diets for persons requiring nervous system regeneration. He typically referred to such diets as "nerve and body building" or "nerve and blood building." Here are some examples of nerve building diets recommended in the readings:

Q. Outline proper diet for body.
A. That as will give to the nerve system more of the ENERGY as is necessary. That is, those of the vegetables that are nerve building. Those that do not carry too much of the value of just weight, but [that] carry more WITH same that as is ASSIMILATED in system. As may be illustrated in this: In potatoes of any character, better were the body to eat the peel than for the other portion. In those of the green vegetables, those of the radish, onion, the lettuce - HEAD, especially - for were the other character taken much by the body it would produce too much drowsiness - and those of celery; these do not carry so much dross, but are MOSTLY all assimilated, see? (5475-2)

Keep a well balanced diet, body and nerve-building foods. Have raw vegetables as much as possible. (5048-2)

First, let the diet be vegetables, fish and game. Never hog meats or too much fats of any kind. Very lean may be taken at times, provided well cooked, but rather those nerve building vegetables as are found in all that grow above ground; spinach, celery, peas and such, with cabbage properly prepared with milk and such, and other cereals and fruits ... (4771-1)

The diet - not meats, vegetable matter; all those that lend energy to nerve building forces and those that give to the blood force the eliminating properties - berries and fruits, see; vegetables, those that are green. Meats, very little. When used, only game or fish or the sinew of any other force. (4730-1)

Q. Please suggest foods to stress and foods to avoid in the diet.
A. In the diet there should be the stressing of those that are nerve building; such as beef, liver, fish, especially sea food - not fresh water fish. Vegetables that are raw, especially such as water cress, celery, lettuce, carrots should be prepared quite often - in fact, have some of these every day, but prepare most often with gelatin because of the activities that cause the better nerve forces. (4033-1)

Q. Do I need any concentrated vitamins and minerals?
A. Not until there are those corrections made that will cause proper reflexes through the system, both to the nerve and blood supply of upper and lower portion of body.
Q. Is there any combination of foods that could be truthfully called Brain Foods, Nerve Foods, Muscle Foods?
A. Those that are body-building; those that are nerve building and those that supply certain elements. For, as indicated, those foods suggested are to be taken by the body. Fish, fowl and lamb are those that supply elements needed for brain, muscle and nerve building. Vegetables that carry certain chemicals, as carrots, celery and lettuce are especially nerve building and supply the vitamins called the B and B complex, or B combinations. Those foods that grow under the ground of certain characters, as well as lentils, beans and cabbage supply certain sulphurs as well as other elements that are needed in the body for better chemical balance. (4008-1)

The diets will be along those lines that make for nerve BUILDING. Plenty of the green foods - as celery, salsify - not too much of the asparagus, but only those of the fresh or the green - cabbage, lentils, peas, beans, and such - these may be taken. Little or no meats, to be sure - though those that will add for nerve forces, as tripe, brains, kidneys, liver, spleen, or such, these will be beneficial to the body in small quantities. (3747-1)

Note that a nerve building diet is essentially the basic diet recommended by Cayce for everyone. The diet is more alkaline than acid. There is a heavy emphasis on fresh vegetables that grow above the ground. Meat in small quantities is allowed with a preference for fish, fowl or lamb. In certain cases, organ meat (brains, kidneys, liver, etc.) were recommended in small quantities.

This type of diet will tend to improve and maintain eliminations due to the high raw vegetable content. Also note that the readings emphasized the importance of the B vitamins contained in certain vegetables. Cayce generally preferred that vitamins be assimilated from food rather than supplements. However, he did prescribe supplements in some cases.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.