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Neuropathy was recommended in over 300 Cayce readings. It was regarded as a gentle, soothing form of treatment which utilized massage and manipulation to remove pressures from nerves and coordinate the nervous systems.

The emphasis in this form of treatment is to gently massage and manipulate the nerve centers and to follow the course of the nerves from the central portion of the body to the extremities. Neuropathic treatment also involved regulation of blood flow via nerve centers and "setting up drainages" ( a form of internal cleansing).

Traditional neuropathy, as a system of healing, no longer exists as a profession. However, there are some practitioners who apply neuropathic principles and techniques.

Unfortunately, there is a scarcity of resources in the neuropathic literature. In fact, it is quite possible that the Cayce material contains more information on neuropathy than any other source now available.

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