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The Edgar Cayce Health Database


Olive oil taken internally in small doses was recommended by Edgar Cayce in many cases involving problems with assimilation and elimination. It was also regularly recommended after certain therapeutic interventions such as castor oil packs and the three day apple fast. The action of olive oil was described as:

"The [olive] oil adds to the elasticity of the functioning of the intestinal tract, acting also as a food value to the system itself." (4510-1)

"Saffron to which has been added water as a tea, which would be not only effective to the digestive forces but with the gastric forces that naturally arise in the stomach and digestive area - added with the small quantities of the olive oil - would supply food for the system and cause a tendency for an accumulation of those forces that will aid in not only ridding the condition from the blood but will aid the supply of lymph and emunctory circulation through the digestive system, and bring healing to internal forces of the body." (475-1)


A typical dosage of olive oil is found in reading 745-1:

"Also we would take internally very small quantities or doses of Olive Oil, taken often, for period of three or four days; then leave off for three or four days, then begin again. A quarter to half a teaspoonful every three or four hours during the waking period."

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.