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The Edgar Cayce Health Database


TIM is a compound recommended in about 60 readings, primarily in cases of hemorrhoids, but also in a few instances of skin irritation, including prurient, eczema, abrasions and boils. The formulas given vary somewhat from reading to reading, but the TIM formula in general use at present contains iodine and benzoin in a natural ointment base. Instructions for use are as follows:

  • Apply TIM to affected portions once or twice each day and immediately after each bowel movement.
  • TIM can be used directly on the hemorrhoid or injected with a bulb syringe into the anal orifice, or both. When used with bulb syringe, one to two teaspoonfuls may be inserted into the area above the sphincters. Heating the TIM slightly will make it more easily injectable.
  • Rest as much as possible after the application, with the feet elevated above the head.
  • TIM should be used consistently until the hemorrhoid is gone.

Hemorrhoids is a condition involving enlarged and varicose veins in the lower portion of the rectum and the tissues about the anus. Apparently TIM acts not only as a palliative measure to reduce the inflammation and pain, but also aids in restoring normal conditions. Additional comments are found in the readings:

For an antiseptic and to reduce the tendencies of plethora [excess of blood] in those portions that cause distress, use the ointment known as Tim. This will act with the manipulative forces to not only reduce the swelling and the painfulness, but to produce or cause coagulation such as to do away with those protuberances which make for the distress.
Following each stool the Tim ointment should be used, or after the body is ready for retiring. This will be found to be more effective than any other application.(4873-1)

Consistently used, it will not only remove the cause but remove the hemorrhoids.(257-200)

This [TIM] applied, with the proper manipulation in the lumbar and sacral region, will permanently relieve this body of such conditions [hemorrhoids].(654-3)

TIM can be purchased as a commercial product.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.