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The Readings' Approach to Health and Wellness

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In the 1920s and 1930s, long before traditional medicine began examining the impact the mind has on physical health, America's "sleeping prophet", Edgar Cayce, was laying the groundwork for one of the most fascinating truths presented in the twentieth century: What one thinks and feels emotionally will find expression in the physical body. Mental patterns can have a direct impact upon good physical health or disease. The mind, Cayce asserted, is a powerful tool in creating health and wellness.

Nearly seventy percent of the more than 14,000 psychic readings Cayce gave are concerned with the diagnosing of disease and the outlining of treatment. These readings are still being studied in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Many people who came to Cayce in the early part of the twentieth century came to him as a last resort: most had been diagnosed as "incurable", not only by private physicians, but by renowned medical institutions around the U.S. While Cayce himself had no medical training or education, when he entered a self-induced altered state, his unconscious mind seemed to tap an endless reservoir of helpful physical information. He could accurately diagnose illness and prescribe treatment for people he had never met or seen.

The information from the readings on health includes simple suggestions that each of us can do to stay well. The nature of many of these recommendations indicates that Cayce's understanding of physical care was really ahead of its time.