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The Edgar Cayce readings are a rich source of holistic advice for strengthening the body, mind, and spirit.  During this time of uncertainty, it is helpful to have resources that can aid in overcoming the stress, fear, and anxiety of the current situation.  Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community to help each other and lift each other up.  The Edgar Cayce material would say, "There is a great deal we can do." 

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If you feel like fear has become a problem in your life right now, we are offering you this FREE Digital Book (PDF)Edgar Cayce on Overcoming Fear and Anxiety by Hugh Lynn Cayce. The material is helpful, insightful, and a source of inspiration for overcoming life’s fears and anxieties from the perspective of the Edgar Cayce information. 

Edgar Cayce on Health and Wellness
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The Cayce readings suggest that plenty of sleep, plenty of water, relaxation, and a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can all bolster the alkalinity of the body and an individual’s immune system.  The information from the readings on health included simple suggestions that each of us can follow to stay well.  

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Edgar Cayce would also recommend meditation to help calm your mind and center your spiritual self. It is hard to deal with so many of life’s events when we find ourselves incapable of putting our best self in the situation. Meditation can help do just that. TO get you started, listen to this special meditation led by M.E. Hart.  

Helpful Blog Articles

Precautions Against Covid-19
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The Coronavirus is spreading around the globe. In this time of heightened awareness and fear, it is helpful to take a calm look at what will help us avoid the virus.  

Coronavirus: What can I do?
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The Edgar Cayce readings are a rich source of holistic advice for strengthening your body, mind and spirit, especially helpful during this time. 

Dealing with Fear

One of the first things we can do in response to fear is begin to recognize if we are coming from a place of fear and then decide what it is we can best do about it.