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Edgar Cayce Readings Overview

Edgar Cayce would put himself in a trance-like state by lying down on a couch, closing his eyes, and folding his hands over his stomach. In this state, he was able to place his mind in contact with all time and spaceā€”the universal consciousness, also known as the super-conscious mind. From there, he could respond to a variety of questions from individuals across the country. The questions were asked by a conductor of the readings, usually his wife Gertrude, and each session was documented by his secretary, Gladys Davis. These responses came to be called "readings," and their insights offer practical help and advice to individuals even today.

The majority of Edgar Cayce's readings deal with holistic health and the treatment of illness. Just as it was at the time Cayce was giving readings, today individuals from all walks of life and belief receive physical relief from illnesses or ailments through information given in the readings, though some readings were given as far back as 100 years ago!

The entire set of 14,306 readings includes a vast array of subject matter that can be narrowed down into the following categories: Dreams and Dream Interpretation, ESP and Psychic Phenomena, Health and Wellness, Philosophy and Reincarnation, and Spiritual Growth, Meditation, and Prayer.

Members of A.R.E. have access to the entire set of readings in an online, searchable database in the Member-Only section of our website. To learn more about membership and the many benefits offered, please visit our Membership page. The readings can also be found in their entirety in the A.R.E. Library, located at our headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va., and open to the public daily.

Overviews of topics from the reading are covered here on this website under "The Readings" section menu. We hope you enjoy exploring the readings.