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Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

Of all the helpful information from the Edgar Cayce philosophy, one of the most comforting is the promise that life is continuous; our time on earth is just one aspect of a soul’s journey of growth and transformation through time. Not only will we meet our loved one again beyond the veil we know as physical death, but our relationship with them will continue as well.

Cayce suggests that one of the greatest gifts we can give to someone who has passed on is to pray for them. And most importantly, to pray that they will recognize that they have moved on from earthly life, and now have the opportunity to continue their soul development in a different way. Cayce says that those we love on the other side are actually as close to us as our thoughts, and we can be most helpful to those individuals by focusing on the happy, joyful times together, and releasing – as much as we can – the sadness and grief we feel at their passing.

Through your membership in A.R.E., you’ll learn all about Edgar Cayce’s perspective on life after death through the articles and features of Venture Inward magazine and Newsletter. More importantly, you’ll read about others who have experienced a loss similar to yours, and gain strength from their personal stories. As you reach out in various ways at this time, consider joining a group of other seekers through whom you might find help and comfort.