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Dealing With Difficult Relationships

There are very few kinds of pain that are greater than the perceived damage to a cherished relationship. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a troubled love relationship with partner or spouse, a difficult friendship or a stressful phase with a beloved family member, one thing is for sure: the pain is real, sometimes indescribable and often immobilizing. On one end of the spectrum, you may feel a sense of regret and despair, on another righteous rage. You may feel all of these emotions as the days unfold, or you might feel them interchangeably within a single moment. These emotions are natural, and though they are as unique as your fingerprint, they are also universal to the human condition.

According to the Cayce philosophy, all experiences, even the most difficult ones are opportunities for you to grow on a soul level. Such growth is not limited to a single lifetime, but many lifetimes, as Cayce’s paradigm of the soul hinged upon the concept of reincarnation. Any relationship has, in all likelihood, existed in some other incarnation. Lovers in this life might well have been friends in another, and perhaps enemies in yet another. Although this is an elementary example of reincarnation, it clearly paints the picture of the complexity of whatever situation you find yourself in. There truly are many layers to a relationship, karmic in nature, that are exerting an influence on you in the here and now.

The central questions you should ask yourself are: How can I find peace within myself during this stressful time? How can I look within my own soul and forgive myself of any transgressions I feel that I have made? How can I honor in my heart the love I have felt for this person, recognizing it as a gift I extended freely and without condition? How can I grow in love and understanding of my loved one, even through this stressful time?

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