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Decision Making with Meditation

This is an optional exercise that can be used to test any tentative decisions you need to make.

Part One: List the decisions you need to make in different areas of your life:  


Part Two:

Select one small decision you want to make, and formulate a question that can be answered “yes” or “no”:

Consider the decision from as many angles as possible. Of what facts and issues are you already aware?

Will your decision affect others? If so, how?

What are the likely consequences of each way of deciding? Yes and No


Breathe into your heart three times, and then see how you feel as you imagine going with a “yes” decision. Also watch for any images that might come to mind. Repeat with a “no” decision.

Hold each answer together with your spiritual ideal and your ethical views.

Considering all of your answers so far, make a tentative decision: Now, put this tentative decision aside and meditate.

At the conclusion of your quiet time, silently ask your “yes” or “no” question, give the tentative answer you reached earlier, and then wait for any feelings or images that come to mind. What would you say is your “inner” answer? If you are unsure of your inner guidance, you may repeat these steps on another day. However, if you feel confident that your decision is the right one, think about how you might act on your decision.

Take the action, and watch for results.