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Free Introductory Meditation Audio

These 13-minute introductory sessions instruct in different aspects of meditation, on alternate nostril breathing, use of an affirmation, and directing positive energy to others.

These guided meditations are voiced by Charles Thomas Cayce, late grandson of Edgar Cayce. 

Session 1:   Directing Positive Energy to Others

Session 2:   Bodily Sensations

Session 3:   Practical Techniques to Prepare for Meditation

Session 4:   The Mind-Body Connection

Session 5:   Constructive Thinking and Affirming Positive Thoughts

Session 6:   Simple Aids: Music, Chanting and Cleansing Rituals

Session 7:   Overcoming Distractions

Session 8:   Direct Energy to Others

Session 9:   Practicing Healing Meditation

Session 10: Using Meditation for Making Important Decisions

Session 11: Review of Key Concepts

Session 12: Guided Reverie