Edgar Cayce said in his readings that the builders of the Great Pyramid left a record of the history of mankind from the beginning under the great Sphinx. He said that the entrance to this "Hall of Records" was by the right front forepaw of the Sphinx.

"This in position lies, as the sun rises from the waters, the line of the shadow (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx, that was later set as the sentinel or guard, and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's paw (right paw) until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience."

--Edgar Cayce reading 378-16

In 1982, when Stanford Research Institute did acoustical soundings under the right front forepaw of the Sphinx, there were no indications of openings along the paw itself-but under the large masonry box behind the forepaw, there were dead spots in three different places, indicating open spaces underground. In addition, earlier tests indicated that there was a vertical shaft underground there. So I believe that this could be where the entrance to the Hall of Records is located. 

Very few people realize that the Great Pyramid had eight sides. This was observed in 1940, when a British military plane flew over the Great Pyramid at sunset on the equinox and took a photograph which showed a shadow of one of the sides. Remarkably, this feature can only be seen from the air at sunrise or sunset on the spring or fall equinox. It is not visible at any other time of the year. The way the builders of the Great Pyramid must have accomplished this was by indenting the sides by 1%, so that the sun has to be perfectly aligned with the pyramid for the shadow to appear. Perhaps this was done to tell us that the Hall of Records will be opened at sunrise or sunset on one of the equinoxes.

Edgar Cayce said that there are prophecies built into the Great Pyramid that are correct as to the hour, day, year, place, country, nation, town, and individuals involved. That's how specific these prophecies are.

But how do you build a Pyramid to indicate an exact hour, day, year, place, country, nation, town, and individuals involved? Perhaps you build it so that it has eight sides that only show themselves at sunrise or sunset on the equinoxes and point one of their shadows to the entrance of the Hall of Records. I believe that the builders of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx left us a message that the entrance to the Hall of Records is located under the right front forepaw box and will be opened at sunrise or sunset on some future equinox. But which one?

To figure this out, I began looking at the astrology of the future. I discovered that from 2024 to 2027, we will have what I view as the best astrological aspects of the next 35 years.

This is because Uranus and Neptune move very slowly through the zodiac and from 2024 to 2027 they will be in good aspect with each other. This is an aspect that happens only once every 30 years or so. It represents a great opportunity for the human race to develop its psychic and mystic powers and evolve to a higher level of spiritual understanding. Once again, I cannot emphasize how good these aspects are.

During this time period, the year that has the best aspects of all is 2026. There are several days in 2026 that have spectacular aspects, but the one that really stood out was March 20, 2026, the spring equinox! On that day, at sunrise, the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and the Sun all come over the horizon together. This is a spectacular configuration! This group is lined up in good aspect with Uranus and Pluto. It represents the physical manifestation of spiritual ideals.

So I thought, "When was the last time we had aspects like March 20, 2026?" I looked at my ephemeris and discovered that the last time we had these types of aspects was in November of 1989, and on November 9, 1989, one of the most important events of the last quarter of the 20th century occurred-the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Later that month, on November 29, 1989, a large triangular UFO appeared over the town of Liege in Belgium. Over the next several months, that triangular UFO appeared again and again and was witnessed by thousands of people, sometimes at very close range. It was the most amazing UFO wave in human history. The Belgian Air Force tracked these objects on radar and even held a press conference to show the radar readings to the media.

So what would be a 21st-century parallel for the events of November 1989? Alien contact? The opening of the Hall of Records that Edgar Cayce says is under the Sphinx? It's hard to know.

Is this real? I think so. In any case, if there were no Great Pyramid and no Sphinx and no prophecies, the influence of the planets on that day will still be spectacular for the human race, and I believe it will be a time of great advancement for all of us.