Golden Light can be thought of as equivalent to Unconditional Love. It’s such a high vibration that it can clean and transform almost anything. Feeling the doldrums? Golden light it! Dealing with icky vibes? Golden light it! Battling with Inner Judgment? Golden Light it! You get the point.

Living life, in or out of a pandemic, can be messy. Things we think we dealt with still pop up from time to time, plus you can’t always control your environment even if you live alone. Like people watching you clean, your mind, emotions and even your past can pop up to let you know you missed a spot!

This is where Golden Light comes in handy. You can use it for cleaning the left-over energy from an (1) object you got from the antique store or a (2) space you cleared out. Maybe you have too many people in the house all dealing with their own stuff and you pick up on the (3) low vibe in the house or you dealing with a (4) self-judgment from the past, the high vibration of golden light and the accompanying unconditional love can help. It can even combat the effect of other (5) people’s fear during a trip to the grocery store.

1. Clearing energy from an object: Stuff carries energy. Antiques are a perfect example. Everything is made up of energy and energy is affected by mental and emotional vibes. If your negative Aunt Nellie gave you a desk she had in her house, it still carries a bit of her cranky vibe. Same as a piece of jewelry you wore during a particularly bad break up or phase of your life. Yet you don’t have to destroy the desk or give away that necklace! Just Golden Light it! Imagine the object surrounded by Golden Light. Know or sense that the Golden Light is shifting and raising the vibration of the object. Intend the Golden Light clear and cleanse the object and ask that anything cleared be sent to the light to be cleared and return as healing energy.

2. Clearing a space after cleaning it: Often clutter creates an energetic stain of its own. Every time you walk by clutter, you probably send a judgement about it like “I should…” or maybe “He or She should!” Or maybe negative Aunt Nellie’s desk sat in that corner and although you finally donated it, the corner still feels weird. That is because Aunt Nellie’s energy is still there or your judgments are. Sometimes, it’s just stale energy and you are using the Golden Light to freshen up a bit! Just Imagine the space filled with Golden Light. Know or sense that the Golden Light is shifting and raising the vibration in a way that is for your highest and most loving good. Intend the Golden Light clear and cleanse the space and ask that anything cleared be sent to the light to be cleaned and return as healing energy.

3. Clearing the low vibe from a room or home: Living with someone who is having a difficult time? Maybe it’s you who is struggling or has a case of the doldrums. As you shed emotion, it sits around like a full garbage can waiting to be emptied. Golden Light can help with that. Yet, clearing a house or room is a little trickier as you don’t want to interfere with someone else’s free will. It is not polite or helpful to use this to clear someone else’s room unless they are very young or give permission. Think of going into a child’s room and throwing out their toys without asking or going through a young adult’s things. You get the idea; it would create more trouble than it is worth! Yet you can still clear it for you. First, set the intention that the Golden Light will not affect anyone who, on a soul level, doesn’t want to accept the shift in vibration. Then imagine Golden Light fill the space you want to clear. (You can do the entire house if you want.) See or know the Golden Light is like a 1,000-watt light bulb shining its light throughout the entire space. Ask that whatever is not for the highest good of all those concerned is removed and sent to the light to be cleared and returned as healing energy.

4. Clearing Past Energy from the Present: I wrote a whole article on this, so I will provide the link. But the gist is this. You can send Golden Light into the past, present or the future. Sending it into the past can help remap your view of yourself in the past. Click here for full article

5. Clearing Fear from the Grocery Aisle. Also called the Blessing Meditation Technique, you can bless with the Golden Light and raise the vibration of the entire store! Send loving Golden Light to those you meet! Always with the intention that if it is not wanted or for the highest good, it is not creating any effect. Hint, this works anywhere, not just the grocery store.


(Q) How can I best draw people of the right vibration to me?

(A) By the correct vibration in self. Like begets like. 

        - Edgar Cayce reading 2842-2



Now that you know a few ways to use the Golden Light, I am sure you can think of different variations! I would love to hear how you used the Golden Light to help shift a lower vibe to a loving and accepting vibe.