Meditation is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source

- Edgar Cayce Reading 281-41

Sometimes life chaotically swirls around you and you may think you will never reclaim your center. You may feel you have no choice but to charge ahead and take care of the situation in front of you. Yet that is not always the most productive approach. Taking time out for meditation greatly improves your ability to focus, see clearly and develop coping skills.

Yet, when life is chaotic, sitting down for a 15 or 20-minute meditation becomes a luxury most of us cannot afford. Luckily a long meditation is not the only option. Try some of these Mini Meditations to return you to a centered state and grant you the strength to carry on with whatever life is throwing your way.

  1. The 20-Second Meditation: Rest your elbows on a solid surface. I have even used my steering wheel for this one. Put your head in your hands and allow your elbows and arms to fully support the weight of your head. Just sit like that, feeling totally supported, for 20 seconds and then take a deep breath in and let go of what ever had you stressed. Let it go, knowing that you are doing the best you can.
  2. The Heart Beat Meditation:This one is simple. Take a few deep breaths and really slow down your exhale. You will soon start to feel your heart beat. Now start counting your heartbeats. If you can’t feel your heart beat, then just count seconds on a clock. You can count inside your head. When you lose track, and assume that you will, just start over until you can get to 50 beats. Some days you may only be able to get to 15 or 20, but that is okay. 50 beats is the goal, not always the reality.
  3. The Rhythmic Breath Meditation: For this meditation, count to yourself as you breathe in for a total of 4 counts. Then hold your breath for the count of 2. Now exhale for the count of 4 and hold your breath again for the count of 2. The idea is that your in-breath and out-breath last for the same duration. You may find your counts may differ from those above. If you are not comfortable holding your breath, then you can skip the holding in-between. Do this for a minute. Yes, a minute of this will help you center. As you relax, you may find your breath slows down and your count goes longer.
  4. The Golden Light Meditation:Imagine there is a pitcher of healing and loving golden light above your head. See the Golden Light pouring down from the pitcher and, as if you are a sponge, the Golden Light goes in, through and over you. Feel every cell in your body absorb the golden healing and loving light. Think of this Golden Light as Spirit’s unconditional love for you. Let the Golden Light flow until you feel the tension start to drain out of your shoulders. When you are done, ask that the recycling angels come pick up what was cleared from your system and return it to you as more healing energy.
  5. The Day Dream Meditation:Imagine yourself in your Happy Place. Mine is either in the Dominican Republic along the beach with the beautiful blue ocean or in Ireland at the Cliffs of Moher. Take a mini vacation as you create your surroundings in your mind. Try to feel the temperature or smell the air. It is the creation of your Happy Place, rather than how much time you spend there, that will help you regain your center.
  6. The Mantra Meditation: A mantra, choosing a meaningful word or phrase and repeating it over and over, is a wonderful way to bring peace into the storm of life. If you do find the time for a longer mediation, Cayce has provided you a formal meditation process yet he also gave us these gems to use as a mantra of sorts. Repeat the phrase “Here I am, Send me, Use Me” (262-3) or “Show me the way” (262-27) multiple times until you feel a sense of peace and direction come over you. 

None of these meditations should take longer than a minute or two, yet you can take as much time as you have! We are programed to keep running, although that is not the most productive way to live life. When we push too hard, we burn out and aren’t any good to anyone. My guidance reminds me frequently that loving yourself is essential. Remember that when you are centered, you will make better choices and will be able to follow through with what the world is asking of you.