A Message from
Award-Winning Actress Diane Ladd

Diane LaddFor decades, I have been a fan of the life’s work of Edgar Cayce. I want to take a moment to express why I think his gift is important and what it still means to us today.

Although there are literally hundreds of books about Cayce’s life and work, his amazing psychic talent, his insights into hundreds of topics from personal spirituality and ancient mysteries to holistic health and personal guidance, what stands out for me is that he made it abundantly clear that each and every one of us has a special gift.

For some, that gift might be serving as a wonderful and supporting parent. Some find a talent with counseling or teaching. Others might find it in avenues as diverse as business or even nature. There are many roles that people find in the healing professions. In my case, the gift that called to me has been the Creative Arts. There is something that each and every one of us is called to do—a role that perhaps no one else can fill as well as we can.

Cayce’s life is, in part, the story of a regular individual who had incredible access to universal knowledge and information. It wasn’t a gift that he readily accepted, at first. In fact, he was very reluctant to take on the role of medical clairvoyant but it was the efficacy of the information, and the way that he could see that the information helped people change their lives for the better that convinced him that his gift was a role that he needed to take on to help so many others.

There is a difference, in my opinion, between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is something that is too often changeable or something that might be important one moment and gone the next. Wisdom, on the other hand, is something that is relevant forever and a day. The Edgar Cayce information and his life’s work embodies wisdom.

Both the Cayce legacy and his gift of helping others endure even to this day. Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), the organization he founded more than 80 years ago, continues his vision of helping people to transform their lives for the better through ideas and information found in his psychic readings. On behalf of A.R.E., I invite you to consider joining Mr. Cayce’s organization so that you can come to know for yourself how his gift can be helpful in your own life—physically, mentally, and spiritually. You can read about the benefits of membership and explore a sample issue of Venture Inward magazine at EdgarCayce.org/join.

A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake - Diane LaddDiane Ladd is an American actress, film director, producer and author, having appeared in more than 300 roles, on television and film. She is the winner of 37 international awards including the British Academy Award, and is a three-time Emmy nominee and a three-time Oscar nominee for Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Coolidge’s Rambling Rose, and David Lynch’s Wild at Heart. Presently she is co-starring as the mother, Helen, in HBO’s hit show, Enlightened along with her daughter, Laura Dern, who stars as the incomparable Amy! The show also co-stars Luke Wilson as Levi. Diane’s latest book, A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake a collection of ten short stories, has received rave reviews. Learn more at www.DianeLadd.com.