In at least 2,000 readings, Edgar Cayce spoke of reincarnation and the shifting of the soul from the heaven world into a physical body: meet the needs of that to make the entity at oneness with the Creative Energy.

--Edgar Cayce reading 254-32 

There are all kinds of sophisticated online games, numerous movies about magic, sorcery, vampires, and wizards out there that directly discuss the mystical elements of shape shifting. In these scary and challenging games, a magician is turning some hapless human into something else. Some wizards turn themselves into wolves. The point of the concept of game shape shifting is that we become something else. We don’t become someone else; we become something else.

Native American lore is replete with shape shifting, especially the wolf legends. A person changes his or her shape into that of a wolf, to disguise himself to gain access to ancient knowledge, understand the animal kingdom, or to use spiritual stealth technology. One wonders if shape shifting is real beyond the games and legends.

Shape shifting is going on all the time, all around us and within us. All thought is energy. What we think, we create. We shift the energy of thought into shape. Sometimes we do not like what we have created and change that shape into something else. Consider that clay is the ultimate material to use to shift shape. The potter takes a humble lump of clay, adds the energy of water, and molds it into a pot, urn, human sculpture, or abstract form. At any moment he or she can shift that shape with the shifting of his or her own thoughts.

A peach shifts its shape? from a gorgeous flower to a green piece of fruit, to a ripe piece of fruit, to rotten fruit, to merely a seed. Then the seed shifts again into a new plant to create more flowers to perpetuate the shifting of shapes for the perpetuation of life itself in the world of peaches.

We are all shape shifters, shifting our shape from the moment of conception from a separate egg and separate sperm into an embryo. That embryo becomes a neonate, which then shifts into a fetus, which shifts over time into a living, breathing baby. At some point along the way, the soul enters the energetic mass of cells and becomes a personality. According to the Cayce readings, the soul enters with the breath. The newborn becomes a toddler, who becomes a child, teen, and finally an adult. Adults are constantly changing their bodies in so many ways until the body begins to shift its shape into the posture of eventual death.

Souls take many shapes. In some lives we are male, some female. Souls, like energy (which is neither created nor destroyed) are eternal: souls just change shape for the pure delight of the experience of all types of different lives. We are still the same soul, just shifting our shape to accommodate a new experience. For some lives we shift into what will become a deformed body, or a dwarf body. In some lives we take on giant shapes.

We even shape shift our experiences. In some lives we are wealthy, lose it all, and shift into the experience of poverty. Some lives, we shift out of poverty into varying levels of wealth. Some lives we keep our basic physical shape and some lives we gain huge amounts of weight and have the experience of either dying from it or losing it and regaining our physical and emotional sense of balance.

We shift our shapes emotionally as well. Some lives we are immature all of our life, permanently a child in an adult body. Some lives we are the parent to our parents, even as we are children. We shift our roles in life as well, constantly changing.

Perhaps the concept of shape shifting is a profound reminder that the only constant in life is change. Sometimes that change within us is a slow stagnation as we fiercely resist change of any sort. Sometimes it is magical in its utter transformation. Truly, some people go through a metamorphic process whereby they change from a mundane caterpillar-personality into a magnificent butterfly. There are even those souls who transform from a caterpillar into a night-dwelling moth, occupying the darker aspects of life.

We are all shape shifters and so is life around us. One could consider this as a unique way to observe and possibly accept change.