An oft-repeated idea that arises from the Edgar Cayce spiritual growth material is that as spiritual beings having a physical experience one of our ongoing challenges is to somehow be “in the earth” but not “of the earth.” One way to make this idea practical is to perhaps choose a day, or even a week, and during that period – whenever facing a choice or a decision – take the time to ask yourself, “Is this decision that I am about to make more in line with my “earthly self” or my “Divine self?” Having done this just recently in my weekly study group, I have to tell you that it can be surprising how often our earthly nature wants to win out over our best self. And it is our Best Self, our Ideal Self, our Divine Self that is much more in attunement with the Being we truly are, plus it is that part of us that maintains a constant awareness of God’s presence, which is the focus of this month’s Enlightenment Series lesson. Also known by “A Search for God” groups around the world as “the Open Door,” this month’s lesson suggests that we somehow maintain an awareness of the Creator in our daily activities.

The readings state that out of all of God’s Creation only humans are prone to forgetting why they were created as souls in the first place. Simply put, we are here to make the world a better place, a more hopeful place, even a place more filled with the love of God because we are here. In other words, how do you think the Divine impacts things physical? The answer is through us. We are God’s representatives in the earth. One woman was encouraged to put forth her best self simply by magnifying the virtues and minimizing the faults of everyone she encountered. Cayce also gave her the following analogy:

Consider the color, the beauty of the lily as it grows from its ugly muck, or the shrinking violet as it sends out its color, its odor to enrich even the very heart of God.  Consider the rose as to how it unfolds with the color of the day, and with the opening itself to the sunshine, into the rain...Why won’t people learn the lesson from them and grow in love and in beauty, in whatever form may be their environ?  Learn also from the flower that where thou art, ye, too, may make that place more beautiful for your being there, whether it is in this or that or whatever place.                                                                                          

Edgar Cayce reading 5122-1

 Our purpose, individually and collectively, is to be channels of God’s activity in the earth.  That is why we are here. Although we may spend eons in pursuit only of material things, ultimately, we are to remember our heritage and our relationship with the Divine.  We are here to cultivate an awareness of our personal relationship with the Divine. The readings describe it as follows:

If ye will be my son, I will be thy God - If ye call, I will hear - Behold, I stand at the door and knock; I will enter, if ye ask."  Then, these are not mere sayings!  They are FACTS, truths, life itself!  but the individual is not made aware of same through the material things nor material-mindedness; rather through spiritual-mindedness, as to purposes and activities of the soul in its lessons, its tenets that it has carried through its expressions in the earth.

Edgar Cayce reading 1797-3

Just as the Creator knows each one of us personally, we too can come to know Him, as well.  In addition to being a channel of love and service to others, the readings recommend attunement, such as through meditation and prayer. By turning within, we gain an awareness of our ultimate oneness with the Divine pattern within, simply waiting to be awakened in our lives.  That pattern is manifested as we assist anyone who comes our way to the best of our abilities.  As we do whatever we find to do in service, we are guided to the next step.  We come to know God by seeking to attune to His will for us in our interactions with others:

Thus each entity, each individual, must realize this through the own attunement.  Ye must KNOW that He walks with thee. And, as has been indicated, there should come that experience of thy HEARING His voice.  When in attune ye will, ye do.  For, as He has given, "I stand at the door and knock; if ye will open, I will enter."  This is to be, this IS then an individual experience - for each soul that seeks His presence …  Seek not then thy way of manifestations, but more and more, "Here am I, Lord; use me, send me.  Point the way that thou would have me go …” This is not a mere saying, but an awareness which one may find through that attuning through meditation, through prayer, through the opening of self for direction by Him.

Edgar Cayce reading 69-4

Sometimes, we may convince ourselves that we are unworthy to truly know God and have an awareness of His presence. But He has never condemned any of us, rather He has provided a means of coming to know ourselves and one another, a means that will help us to realize all we have ever desired is our relationship with Him.  We come to know the Creator by attempting to manifest His attributes in the earth.

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