How Past Lives Affects Our Lives Today
John Van Auken

I’m sharing these past-life stories to help us get a better feel for our past lives are the story of our soul rather than our single-incarnation personality.

Since Leila Evans Cayce died when she was only two and a half, you might expect her story to be short, but the real story actually begins with this little girl's death. Had she lived, she would have been the older sister of Edgar Cayce, who incarnated seven short months after her death. When Edgar was sixty-years old, sitting on the front porch of the A.R.E. Headquarters in Virginia Beach, a twenty-seven-year-old woman walked up the steps. Edgar stood up and said to his friends, “I know who this soul is. She is my sister Leila!” They proceeded to go inside to his office, and he gave her a past life reading that was astonishing. “Sleeping” Edgar explained that she was initially conceived in the womb of Mother God’s infinite, eternal, mind. Then, how her soul began a long journey with her soul group. Her first contact with Earth’s dimensions was as a mind and spirit. She was not an individual being, no, she was an integral part of a soul group. Let a flock of birds or a school of fish, she and her companion souls traveled. They entered Earth’s skies and moved as a collective consciousness in the wind, observing this three-dimensional world. To their surprise and shock some souls had actually immersed themselves so deeply into 3D forms that they lost awareness of their true nature. She and her soul group decided to push deeper into physical form in an attempt to reawaken the lost souls to their celestial nature. At first, they projected themselves as light beings, like holograms. This worked well for a while, but as the lost ones continued to slip deeper into matter, it was not enough. Not wanting to abandon the lost ones, Leila and her soul group decided to begin a series on incarnations in an effort to awaken those who had become so terrestrial as to have little to no awareness of the vast infinity of celestial life.

Here begins Leila’s big-picture story of past lives. In this month’s Enlightenment Series lessons, I have shared the many lives of Leila. I encourage you to see the detailed story in the Membership Section of the website But here I’ll list the key parts of her journey as Edgar gave them.

She began in Atlantis as a priestess, teacher, and princess working with the Children of Oneness to bring enlightenment to all. Here she encountered souls that were intentionally working against such enlightenment! They were the Children of Darkness who taught that souls should seek self-interests, not be concerned about others, the strong should dominate and enslave the weak, and life was about survival of the fitness. Ideas of the being good for goodness sake, caring for lost or despairing souls, and mutual cooperation were seen as weakness. As this struggle intensified, it became obvious that this was going to take longer than a few incarnations. Leila and her group withdrew into the spirit realms and regrouped.

Their next incarnation was in Egypt where they perfected a body type more ideal for the Children of God, developed training centers, and conducted initiations to instill in the depths of each soul’s consciousness the truth about their origin, destiny, and mission. Here Leila met Edgar Cayce as the high priest Ra Ta.

Following this incarnation Leila and her group returned for an incarnation during the incarnation of Jesus Christ and key Essenes. Here Leila was the sister of Edgar Cayce who was the leader of the Church of Laodicea, one of the seven churches of Asia Minor, spoken of in the Acts of Apostles. She and her brother were young, so they learned from the those who had directly known Jesus and his teachings. This included Mary, the mother of Jesus, her friends, the apostles Peter, John, and James, and the disciples, among them was Paul, who came to visit this young brother-and-sister team in Laodicea.

After giving this incarnation to Leila, Edgar appeared to skip a few and went directly to one of the strangest incarnations in her list. Upon reading this lifetime I recalled how Hinduism has a teaching that every so often a soul has a lifetime that is like a holiday. It is not driven by mission but appears to be a break in which the soul expresses a wilder side to their personality and ventures into activities that are more cheerful, reckless, and fun loving. Leila is born into English luxury and then sails to the New World to become a Southern Belle!

Following this fun-loving incarnation, she attempts to reincarnate with her brother Edgar but dies before he’s born and they reunite when he’s 60 and she is 27. They become close friends.

In closing, when I was in my twenties, I actually worked with Leila’s husband during her recent lifetime and saw her around the A.R.E. campus from time to time. She was a gentle, charming lady who worked as a healer with the Glad Helpers prayer group. Her husband was a cigar-smoking, storyteller with cosmic mind! He was a top-selling insurance man who each morning would move his hands over his company’s inquiries to “feel” who was the most the immediately interested in buying insurance today! By the way, she was married to him in her Egyptian incarnation where he developed the idea of how insurance could help people when unexpected events happen.

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