Aura Charts and the Cayce Readings


Aura charts were given by Edgar Cayce as a tool to help individuals draw on past success and overcome obstacles in their lifetimes. They represent the past lives of the individual and include images of their journey on earth. Edgar Cayce gave over 40 aura charts readings for individuals.


Reading 5746-1 explains the symbols and colors used in the aura chart:

As we have given, an aura chart is the attempt to interpret the material experiences of individuals in their journeys through the earth; indicating, pictorially, as to that place in the earth of the individual activity, and—upon either the right or the left—the sources from which the entity came into activity in the earthly or material consciousness. About same is symbolized, in the signs of the zodiac, as to that portion of body which was stressed through that particular period of activity.

By color certain activities are also symbolized—for instance, black indicates the whole combination of all. For, to material interpretation, white is the absence of color, black is the combination of them all.

The dark blue indicates awakening; purple, healing; white, purity; gold, attaining. All of these and their varied shades indicate the activity; this applying to the stars as well as the sun or moon.

The sun indicates strength and life, while the moon indicates change—and in one direction indicating the singleness of that activity through an individual experience—the variations being indicated by the variations in the color.

Star—the white, purity; the five-pointed, the whole senses of man indicated as attained to activity—the colors showing the variation; the forms of six, seven or eight pointed indicating the attainments, - as do the seven stars in a figure indicate the attaining to the seven particular centers in the body.

As for the whole chart—the interpretation is more up to the artist—as to its beauty.


Edgar Cayce gave his own aura chart which was drawn by Esther Wynne (pictured). The lower images are drawn from Mr. Cayce's past lives on earth and the top section of his chart indicates what he could attain:

In the top put the all-seeing eye, the singleness—the eye—this rather large but balanced with the rest of the design or chart. The clouds would be about same in pink or purple, the blue and green—all indicated in the lights as from the cloud; with the cross, and this leaning just a bit towards the right. Here, under same, put the small white star. In the edge of the clouds, extending below the eye, put the gold eight-pointed star.

Members can read the complete details of the chart from Reading 294-206 in the member section.