Even as we struggle to stay balanced amidst the hustle and bustle or worries and concerns of daily life, the psychic soul finds ways to guide us; and indeed, when we are at our worst, the soul does its very best work. It speaks to us in the “languages” we speak best and in a “voice” that is crystal-clear. Here are some examples:

Perhaps you thought about a long lost relative or friend and, completely out of the blue, that person telephoned or knocked at your door. Or perhaps, when you phoned someone you hadn’t talked to in a while, the person exclaimed: “I was just thinking about you!”

You might have been driving a car when suddenly you had an overwhelming impulse to turn left. The impulse turned out to be the correct choice, although you had no logical way of knowing it. Or you may be one of the many people who, while driving along on a highway, instinctively obeyed an inner voice that shouted an unmistakable warning like, “Switch lanes now!” By doing so, you narrowly avoided a tragic accident.

Perhaps your soul awakened you in this way: needing help, you asked for it inwardly. Shortly thereafter, the name of a bookstore repeated itself in your mind until you went there, whereupon a book or magazine containing exactly what you needed to know jumped into your visual field and leapt off a shelf into your hands or fell at your feet. (This phenomenon is so common that it has a name: bibliomancy, meaning divination by books.)

Or perhaps you have had a spiritual experience like that of my very logical and pragmatic chiropractor, Terry Hafer. While practicing stop-and-go landings in her airplane, she heard through her headphones a strangely metallic male voice that knew her call numbers, telling her that she had a visitor waiting for her in the tower. Terry landed her plane, and moments later the engine catastrophically (meaning irreversibly) failed. Shaken but safe, she climbed the steps of the tower to greet her visitor. The two air traffic controllers on duty, both women, knew nothing of a visitor and had not contacted her in the air.

Sometimes when we ask for help, it shows up in an outer experience, such as an unlikely coincidence or a snatch of conversation heard from a passerby. At other times, helpful insights arise out of the quiet inner depths of the subconscious mind.

Dreams awaken many people to the genius of the psychic soul. There is nothing magical or mysterious about psychic abilities. In everyday life we “pick up” the thoughts and feelings of other people. Business people act on hunches all the time, and police officers live by them. So do most parents, who are in telepathic touch with their children’s unspoken wants and needs. Everyone has psychic abilities, although their power and accuracy depend on how often and how consciously they are used.

Intuition is the ability to sense or know information that is not available to the logical mind. Where does it come from? Brainwave mapping shows that our intuitive abilities reside below ordinary awareness in the subconscious mind—the boundless realm of the psychic soul.

Edgar Cayce placed the soul in the subconscious, too, but pointed out that we do not possess a soul; rather, we are a soul with a sixth sense that is constantly in touch with a higher self, or oversoul, an immortal spiritual essence and ideal being residing in a superconscious dimension next to the throne of God. (5754-2 and 900-31)

You may not feel like an immortal soul. Yet on the level of your godlike or angelic nature, which has lived “ . . . throughout the eons of time . . . ” said Cayce, you are. (Edgar Cayce reading 5754-2) Prescient and mystical experiences are proof of your soul’s ability to penetrate time and space with its sixth sense to draw higher wisdom and knowledge from your superconscious spirit.

Awakening to the power and presence of the soul changes us in every way, since once we know our true potential, we can’t “not-now” it again. And who would want to? Getting in touch with the psychic soul is like falling in love. “I knew there was something else,” we breathe. “This is it.” We rejoin the lost piece that was missing, empty places inside us disappear, life takes on new meaning, and the world grows brighter and more beautiful.

The beauty of attunement with the psychic soul is its instant access to what cannot be known or understood by any other means.

Excerpted from Your Psychic Soul.