Life in its manifestations is vibration. (1861-16) - Edgar Cayce

If we compare the Cayce readings to modern science it seems that Mr. Cayce was ahead of his time. In many of his readings, he brought forth the truth that everything in the universe is in motion and due to that everything is a vibration. Years later this truth has become supported by science. In fact, Einstein himself stated in the 1950’s “in the universe everything is vibration.” 

The Cayce readings suggest that vibrations are not only what gave rise to the material world but that vibrations are also associated with healing & consciousness. In many of his readings, Cayce stated that each area (town, state, country) makes its own vibrations through the actions and activities that happen there (262-66). He also stated that each person “radiates that vibration to which they attune themselves.” (2842-2). And that if one wanted to attune to better health, bring wellbeing to their body, mind, & soul; or wished to attune with God that there were many ways one could use vibrations to assist them with this.

For example, music, colors, chanting, gems, food, etc… all carry vibrations which may assist a person in their healing or spiritual journey and be influences helping someone become one with the Creative Forces. “Sounds, music, & color may have much to do with creating the proper vibrations about individuals that are mentally unbalanced, physically deficient or ill in body & mind.” (1334-1)

I began to study the Cayce material, almost thirty years ago, back when I was about fifteen or sixteen years old. One of my particular areas of interest are specifically the readings on vibrations of music & sound. Many of his readings suggest the powerful effect the vibrations of music can have on our physical, mental & emotional well-being, as well as, how music is the bridge between the physical and spiritual. In some of his readings, Cayce even suggested a certain piece of music or certain types of instruments to help realign and attune a person’s body. “…music that is of harmony — as of the Spring Song, the Blue Danube, and that character of music, with either the stringed instruments or the organ. These are the vibrations that will set again near normalcy —mentally & physically.” (2712-1).

Vibrations of music and instruments can assist us because the eternal essence of ourselves - (call it a soul, atman, universe, Buddha-nature, spirit or whatever other label you wish) - according to many traditions this part of ourselves, which is beyond the physical form, has energetic centers associated with it. These centers are often referred to as chakras. These energetic centers (or chakras) have their own individual vibrations which some traditions say correlate to the vibrations and frequencies of the seven colors of the rainbow. With the lowest center (root chakra) being red, the second chakra correlating to orange; third yellow; and so on up to the seventh chakra at the top of the head (crown chakra) correlating to the vibration of purple/violet.

Many spiritual traditions believe, and the Cayce readings also state, that an imbalance in the energetic body - the chakras being out of tune - is an underlying cause of mental, emotional, and even physical illness. If we wish to bring wholeness or healing to ourselves then we need to restore balance, re-attune the body, or bring the centers back to their proper vibrational rates. And this can be done in many ways, such as through yoga, formal meditation, being out in nature, color therapy, etc… However, one of the primary ways we can re-attune ourselves is through vibrational therapy and music. In fact, the scientist Isaac Newton said that the seven colors of the rainbow directly correlate to the same frequencies that are the seven notes of a musical scale. Therefore, some traditions believe that the seven notes of the scale can help to attune the seven chakras and bring healing to the body.

The Cayce material supports the idea that sound vibrations are healing and even states that those of the human voice can help to realign the centers of the energetic body. The readings often recommended the chanting of the sounds “AAAARRRRRR-EEEEEEOOOOO-MMMMM” to balance the centers as well as help “raise one’s vibrations bringing one closer to the presence of thy Maker” (281-28).


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