When you change your words, you change your life. When you change your thoughts, you change your destiny.

Change to Positive Self-talk

Did you know that studies have proven that 85% of our self-talk is negative? We all know that we’re supposed to think positively and set a clear intent, but our inner dialogue doesn’t always support our desires. The words you speak and think when you set a goal actually create 100% of your results. When you think or speak a word, your mind translates it into symbols or pictures and rushes off to bring you more of the same, much like when you type a keyword into Google. Like the Internet, your unconscious focuses on keywords; it doesn’t respond to grammar or context. However, it is deep wired to respond more quickly to the keywords that convey emotion or energy. That’s because emotions are the messaging system your mind uses to communicate with you; they are essential for your survival. The unconscious mind’s prime directive is to preserve the body.

Twenty percent of your words carry emotional content, so a word such as “chair” has no real emotional charge. However “mom” or “child” has a chain of meaning and significance that requires an immediate response. The interesting thing is that your inner mind is a servo-mechanism, exactly like the Internet; it has no feelings and has no ability to make its own decisions unless health or the physical body is compromised, when it will override the conscious mind and take action. For instance, if someone shouts, “Watch out!” you’ll respond instantly and instinctively, because your unconscious takes over with the flight-or-fight mechanism.

So can changing the very words you use bring you high energy and outstanding results? Yes it can, because you create your world with your words. Remember that the unconscious mind only recognizes the Keywords. Using low energy words such as hard, worry, difficult, or problem, stimulates negative emotions in the middle, or limbic brain, which has direct connection to the amygdala (freeze/flight/fight, fear/anger) slowing down or diminishing your intent as the mind searches for more problems or worries! High energy, powerful impact words like excitement, joy, fun, laughter, harmony, or success get the imagination flowing by stimulating the cerebral cortex, activating the nucleus accumbens (reward center), the initiator of great results. They act on your life like a laser of light beaming out to the future. High energy words are your hotline to God and universal abundance.

You’ll soon be aware of your results as they change for the better and your positive self-talk will increase your happiness and motivation level.

Five Tips to Success

1. Set your goals—small and sweet.

Setting goals involves setting a lot of short term wins. So make every task fun. Instead of going to the supermarket to buy “healthy” food, search for seven different colors of fruits and vegetables to put in the shopping cart. Do your exercise every day like a child does: change the TV channel manually and jump there and back! While the kettle is boiling, sway back and forth and exercise your waist with your arms above your head.

You may want to have a stack of cards ready so that you can pick one daily and follow an easy instruction. Dr. Yvonne’s “Your Every Word has Power Action Kit” (Amazon.com) has 32 action cards in it, and three 21 day plans to help you make daily small and powerful changes. We respond to innovation and change when it is easy and fun, so give every task an element of magic.

2. Discover how to access and use your Happy Brain—the prefrontal cortex.

The old expression “keep your chin up” has more meaning to it than you may realize. Chin up takes your mind out of the limbic or old family brain and up into the neocortex. Do this: Put your head down and think of a low energy emotion such as frustration. Find where it frustration is stored in your body (or just imagine where it might be), then straighten your back, put your chin up while expanding your peripheral vision to 180 degrees. Make sure your tongue is on the bottom of your mouth (tongue on the roof of the mouth puts your mind on high alert) take a deep belly breath, which expands the diaphragm and tells the mind any danger is over, then try to feel or access the negative emotion. It’s impossible.

3. Breathe!

When under stress, the diaphragm gets pulled up into the rib cage. Take three deep belly breaths to expand your diaphragm; put your hand on your solar plexus and it will move outwards if you are doing this correctly. It tells the unconscious mind that any danger is over and floods your system with feel good endorphins.

4. Compliment someone else.

Your inner mind believes you are talking about yourself and will make you feel amazing!

 5. Stop procrastination in seconds.

Get over the over achieving by opening one email, making one phone call (once you've done one, you'll always do more!). Do just five minutes’ of exercise, not 20; any more than five is bonus and then you’ll be constantly praising yourself. To clear procrastination, imagine yourself at the end of the successful completion of the task. Close your eyes, choose a date sometime soon, find the one thing that proves to you or convinces you that the task is finished and turn up the colors the sounds and the feelings. Lock it in with a snap of your fingers. It’s impossible to go back to anxiety, and your mind stimulates you into action to go ahead and do it easily.

 The Magic of Motivation

Magic happens when you take one small step. Promise yourself that you’ll do five minutes of exercise every day and any more is a bonus; you can then reward yourself (food is never a reward by the way!) with reading, a trip, music, or a massage. You will be patting yourself on the back and feeling wonderful; your self-esteem is boosted along with your success rate.