Gemstones and
the Edgar Cayce Readings

Adapted from the Circulating File "Gemstones" Part 2

Gold Jewelry Blog 3-16-2012In addition to wearing particular gems and gemstones, the Edgar Cayce readings often suggested that individuals wear different metals for their vibratory influence. Choosing which gemstone or metal to use is an important decision that can involve the body as well as the mind and spirit.

According to the readings, gemstones and metals work because our bodies are vibrational in nature. "Each element, each stone, each variation of stone, has its own atomic movement, held together by the units of energy that in the universe are concentrated in that particular activity." (Edgar Cayce reading 531-3)

For, the very elements of body— through which spirit and mind manifest— are atomic in their nature. Hence so are the elements of this stone indicated, that partakes of most of the elements that are to man of great influence or power, because of their representations in the body.
(Edgar Cayce reading 1931-1)
Metals such as gold and silver could be worn on the body as well as absorbed by the body by using a device such as a radial appliance for "the strengthening influences of gold, the stabilizing influence of silver." (Edgar Cayce reading 1931-1)

Another reading recommended "…lots of bangles at times become confusing and at others almost necessary. Hence those things that are stable — as plain gold, or plain silver, or platinum, with the finishings — are those influences that are strongest about the entity for helpful forces." (Edgar Cayce reading 2390-1) Platinum was suggested since its "vibrations are in accord with that to keep your animation in accord with the best you may accomplish." (Edgar Cayce reading 1620-2)

platinum crystal Blog 03-13-2012

A piece of carbon steel was recommended for one individual to prevent colds, congestion, and irritation to the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages:
Do not take this as…superstition or…a good luck charm — but if the entity will wear about its person, or in its pocket, a metal that is carbon steel — preferably in the groin pocket — it will prevent, it will ionize the body— from its very vibrations — to resist cold, congestion, and those inclinations for disturbance with the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages. This is a needed element, then, about the body. (Edgar Cayce reading 1842-1).

One reading suggested that the ideal stone, mineral, and metal were the same for most individuals because of the "association in its mental forces." (282-7)

Mr. Cayce stressed that while these items were helpful and useful tools, the ultimate responsibility was for the individual to do all the work:
Q. How can I use the astronomical, the numerical, the environs of the creations in the vibrations from metal, from stones, which influence me, to advantage in my present life?
A. As these are but lights, but signs in your experience, they are as but a candle that one stumbles not in the dark. But worship not the light of the candle; rather that to which it may guide you in your service. So, whether from the vibrations of numbers, of metals, of stones, these are…influences to make you in attune, one with the Creative Forces; just as the pitch of a song of praise is not the song … So, use them to attune self. How, you ask? As you apply, you are given the next step. ( Edgar Cayce reading 707-2)

Choosing jewelry with gemstones is a very personal experience, as each individual has a unique vibration that may change over time. A piece may be selected for aesthetic qualities as well as vibratory. It is not necessary to choose a gemstone based on the gemstone associated with birth month, rather the readings indicated it was more important to keep "the correct attitude." (4006-1)

The body's physical reaction to an individual piece of jewelry must also be considered. One woman had a rash develop every time she wore a silver and turquoise ring which had belonged to a friend. She was told in a reading that it was due to "the supersensitiveness of the body to vibrations of this particular ring ? from those vibrations that are a part of the ring." (4009-1)

Pearls blog 03-16-2012One woman asked about the influence of a pearl necklace she was wearing. Mr. Cayce suggested that "When its vibrations have taken the body-forces, it will be well." In order to accomplish that, he recommended that the necklace be "demagnetized" by exposure to an ultra-violet ray for a flash. (951-6)

The following reading expresses some fundamental ideas for using gemstones and minerals:
For, each soul, each entity, has within its inner being the sum of what it has done, is doing, about its relationships to the whole. And this is the stone [bloodstone] to which the entity [2163] vibrates. Thus it is a helpful force physically, an encouragement to the mental, and vibrates upon the real or inner self. (2163-1)

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