All of us at one time or another have been hurt by what someone said or did to us. Or, by something they did not say or do, an omission that hurt us. These hurts can also come from within ourselves as a result of negative thinking and harsh self-judgment. During a well-intended encounter with others we may come away wounded or weakened by harmful vibrations, attitudes, or emotions. These wounds are difficult to recover from, often leaving us with heavy mental or emotional baggage which may even affect the health of our physical bodies. One of the best ways to protect ourselves from such harm is to develop and maintain mental, emotional, and even physical shields. In this article let us explore how we might better shield ourselves from destructive, negative influences using guidance from Edgar Cayce.

The Number One thing to do first is: Stop projecting negative energy, thoughts, actions, and words toward others! “What goes around, comes around.” This is the mantra of the enlightened, and it needs to be our mantra as well. And this extends to ourselves as well as others: thinking or acting negatively towards oneself is unhealthy and denies the power of mercy, forgiveness, and grace. Life seeks to live, and live well. Within even the most negative person Life is seeking to blossom and grow.

The readings are filled with guidance about protecting ourselves with the shields of faith, hope, life, purity, and righteousness (not self-righteousness but right actions, right thoughts, and right purposes). In some of his discourses he speaks of putting on “the whole armor” of the Lord and his shield. Now we are not talking about grand battles between the Light and Dark forces; we are talking about the daily temptations to say or think negatively and the daily trials of interacting with others who may not be striving to express the higher ideals and purposes. These are the more difficult trials we face.

How does one shield self? Cayce used the phrase “surround self” for shielding. He often encouraged use of “creative forces or influences” over the destructive ones. The following was given to a 45-year-old “society lady” about developing her talents:
“As long as self keeps or surrounds self with the influences from without that come only from the higher sources. Or, as self enters into that consciousness where the influences from without are being tempered by that which is desired and willed within the soul of self, there may come that which will be both helpful and beneficial, and constructive in the experience of self for others.” (443-3)

See how he is acknowledging that others may be helpful to us but that we should be sure their energies and ideas are coming “only from the higher sources.” Then he guides her to “temper” (moderate or even counterbalance) their input with that which is of her own soul! If it is in harmony with her inner, soulful self, then it will be helpful, beneficial, and constructive for her and others.

We must become mindful of our thinking patterns and be willing to transform negative thoughts about ourselves and others into uplifting ones. Such a change requires honest awareness and a genuine desire to give room to our better selves by subduing our negative and often subtle lower self and its bad habits. This requires some powerful help such as prayer and mind-centering affirmations and mantras.

It is also important to make time for meditation in our quest to become our best. For Cayce, meditation is a life-enhancing exercise for our souls, just as physical exercise is for our bodies. Budgeting time for this soulful exercise was recommended so often that I could not get an accurate count of how many times Cayce encouraged it.

Cayce also mentioned having a physical shield such as an amulet. He suggested wearing an ornament or small gemstone as an added protection against evil, danger, or disease. To a reincarnated soul (559-7, she was only 6 years old when the reading was given) who had a good past life in ancient Egypt he recommended wearing a scarab and a lapis stone to “keep low the fires of passion from materiality that there may be greater mental and spiritual development of this entity in the experience.” To another soul (1035-1, an 18-year-old female) he recommended amethyst stones as amulets because of their vibrational help with her relationships. In the course of my life I found that lapis was an excellent amulet for my body.

Shielding our mind, heart, and body while living this life as best we can is an important way to protect ourselves from harm. Surrounding ourselves with the higher love, higher forces while living each day with ourselves and others is a good way to stay moving in the right and safe direction.

Excerpt from the Winter, 2016 Cayce Quarterly newsletter available to A.R.E. Members at