Edgar Cayce – and many other sources going all the way back to the ancient Sanskrit texts of Hinduism – taught and explained reincarnation as a fact of soul life. Karma and rebirth are forces designed to influence the developing wisdom and companionability of the Children of God – of the Creator, or as Cayce sometimes called the Source, “the Creative Forces” and “the Universal Consciousness.” Out of this infinite, eternal, singular Consciousness emanated countless replicas of the Creator, each with free will. We are those replicas, made in “the image and likeness” of the Creator (Genesis 1:26).  Cayce taught that the reason each soul was created was to, “show itself to be not only worthy of, but companionable to, the Creator.” (EC 5753-1) Now, we are talking about the Creator of the entire universe! Being companionable to the Infinite, Eternal One, who encompasses all that exists – seen and unseen – is quite a task!

However, the Creator knew this and developed many ways to help the Children of God (you and me and all of the others) develop to their full potential as companions. One of these ways was a perfect law of cause and effect; a law that would help us learn what is good and what is bad, what is creative and what is destructive, what brings hope and happiness and what brings confusion, doubt, and fear. Jesus taught, "Verily I say unto you, until heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass away from the law, until all things be accomplished.” (Matthew 5:18) At first this may appear to be a seriously judgmental law that most of us are bound to break and never recover from. A closer look reveals its magic secret: The law is ALWAYS in effect. Therefore, when we who have misused free will understand that misuse in others, understanding comes upon us! If we forgive another for their misuse, forgiveness comes upon us! And God help us if we forget what others have said or done, because then what we have said and done is forgotten too! The law is perfect: what we do comes back upon us. What goes around comes around. Therefore, when we begin to feel, think, and express understanding, forgiveness, and to even forget mistakes made by others, then understanding, forgiveness, and cleansing of our record comes back upon us.

Each incarnation is another opportunity to express the innate love and creativity of our Creator, and to grow closer to our ultimate destiny of becoming companionable to our Creator. According to Cayce, each incarnation adds to our growth and understanding. Our karma is actually an opportunity to better use our free will in ways that complement the Creator and being love and light to the whole of the creation and the created. In this way we become channels of the Creator’s love and light. As the Creative Forces flow us, we gradually become one with them until we are one with them, thus an intimate companion.

What we find to be our situation and relationships are opportunities to meet our previous use and misuse of free will (thus good and “bad” karma). In every situation and relationship we are meeting ourselves. Set before us are opportunities to choose good, light, love, hope, kindness, cheer, care, understanding, and patience – with ourselves and those whom we share incarnate life. Furthermore, as we do this in this incarnation, we are magically doing it for any future incarnations! But it is even more immediate than that, because most all teachings say that this life affects the life beyond the physical world, life in the heavenly dimensions of the vast planes of the Infinite, Eternal One. Yes, Cayce taught that death does not lead to “rest in peace,” because there is much to do, enjoy, and experience in dimensions beyond this third dimension. Our bodies function for a good while but they eventually run down and our soul is forced to move on. Beyond this life and its activities is a vast reality that our souls know well. Even Jesus taught Nicodemus: “No one ascends to heaven who did not first descend from heaven, even the son of man!” (John 3:13) Prior to our birth our soul had been alive and busy! Our soul intentionally and purposely sought to incarnate for another opportunity to resolve mistakes and channel the spirit and essence of our Creator, so as to be companions.

            This is why our souls reincarnate.

Here’s an important teaching to keep in mind: there will come a point at which we will no longer seek incarnation. Yes, it’s true. We are eternal celestial beings, not permanent terrestrial beings. Edgar Cayce actually told several souls that this was their last incarnation! I had the good fortune to know some of these souls, and I can tell that they were not perfect; so growth toward companionship with the Creator must continue in other realms beyond the physical. Life is so much bigger and better than we see from here. Let’s seek the bigger view, the broader understanding. Let’s apply ourselves to meeting all that is before us to do as best we can, and then happily move on to bigger and better experiences in the heavenly realms of life. Remember that even the disciple Paul wrote for us to know that he experienced the “third heaven,” he didn’t know if he was in the body or out of the body but he knew he was one of the higher dimensions of heaven (II Corinthians 12:2). We are more than many realize and life is bigger and more wonderful than we currently know. What is asked of us now is to meet the situations and relationships set before us with the best attitude and intention we can muster. As Jesus taught: “Don't be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Each day's own evil is sufficient.” (Matthew 6:34) Let’s think of the word “evil” as it is used here to be “misuse of free will” in meeting our situations and relationships. “Be here now.” (This statement was first published by the Lama Foundation in New Mexico, in From Bindu to Ojas: The Core Book (“Bindu” is a Sanskrit word meaning "small dot" usually on the third eye spot on the forehead, and Ojas means "strength" or "life.") It’s a good motto to hold onto in the midst of all that life throws at us.

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