Who doesn't have a favorite song or an uplifting album that can instantly change your mood? Music is the universal language of the soul, as Edgar Cayce said, “Music is that which spans the distance between the sublime and the ridiculous, between the finite and the infinite. Keep the music, for it is oft a help to thee to quell the storms of life.” (3169-1) And that “music should be a part of each soul's development.” (2780-3) Let's begin by hearing about the research on music, and become enlightened on how we can incorporate it in our lives.

First, we must understand that all matter, including the human body, is made of particles that are vibrating at a certain frequency. Therefore, we can use the good vibrations (cue the Beach Boys) of music to heal our body, mind, and spirit by simply changing the frequency. Consider the research of Dr. Hans Jenny in Cymatics, where he discovered that playing different sound frequencies would cause sand to “come alive,” form shapes, and even move when the frequency was changed! Also fascinating was the discovery of ancient sound frequencies that seem to affect the human body, known as Solfeggio frequencies. They theorized that six specific sound frequencies can help the human body and mind. In the Baroque Era of classical music, composers like Mozart and J.S. Bach would tune their instruments to a specific frequency of 432 Hz, and now we have evidence that listening to Baroque music can help with focus and brain development. Even Nikola Tesla, the enigmatic inventor, said, “If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Let's take a listen at how we can use these frequencies to heal ourselves and discover our potential for joy and happiness!

I was introduced to music by my late grandmother, Ruth, who taught me piano from the age of 5. When I was 11, I started learning and playing brass instruments (trumpet, French horn, and baritone) through my school years, starting in sixth grade band, eventually playing mellophone in the marching bands for high school and college. However, my favorite instrument of all is the drums! When I was 13, I started saving for my first drum set to form a rock band with my best friends (the singer/bass player from my first band is now playing professionally as a world-touring, heavy-metal rock star!). Fast forward 27 years, and I'm still performing on stage and loving every minute! Playing music has enriched my life far beyond what I could have imagined. It helped me to develop my concentration, coordination, and patience and was the best emotional outlet during challenging times. I would highly encourage anyone to pick up an instrument that you're drawn to and make some music! Yes, it will help if you take lessons, and will require patience, practice, and persistence. But if you stick with it, you'll see the improvement and feel the joyful vibrations you can create. You could simply start with a hand drum and find a local drum circle to play with. By creating music with others, we can share our vibrations and bring harmony to the world.

But you don't even need to buy an instrument to play music. Our bodies come equipped with their own beautiful instrument...your voice! Just sing along with your favorite music, and you'll uplift your spirits in no time! Cayce recommended to “sing a lot about the work—in everything the body does. Hum, sing—to self; not to be heard by others but to be heard by self.” (3386-1) Notably, we can use our voices to connect us with our Highest Selves by using simple mantras, similar to monks, shamans, and yogis. “Then, as ye begin with the incantation of the Arr-r-r-r, the e-e-e, the o-o-o, the m-m-m, raise these in thyself; and ye become close to the presence of thy Maker – as is shown in thyself!” (281-28) So try some mantras, sing your favorite tune, or learn how to play an instrument and raise your own vibrations to make this world a better place!

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