About twelve hundred people received “life readings” from Edgar Cayce. Life readings are those in which Cayce gave people’s past lives, explaining how these previous incarnations affected the present life. Of these many life readings, eighteen people were told that this present incarnation may be their last, indicating that there was no longer any compelling force or karmic pull necessitating another incarnation on Earth. These following readings reveal some of the reasons why these people would not have to reincarnate.

My colleagues and I knew some of these people, and we can assure you that they were not perfect. In fact, they had many common human weaknesses. Some of them also had very difficult lives, with much sorrow and suffering. Others had fairly normal lives, with no outstanding quality that we could point to as the reason for their breakthrough to life beyond incarnations on Earth.

Apparently, their freedom from the wheel of karma and reincarnation occurred within themselves, in their hearts and minds, because there are little to no outward reasons for their release from the cycle of incarnations. One part of their stories that was common among them is that this last incarnation was the culmination of many incarnations that led to this opportunity. Even if this was their last incarnation, they were told that they had the freedom to return if they desired, but they no longer had to.

The following are excerpts from the life readings for four of the eighteen souls for whom reincarnation became unnecessary.

  1. Case #987, 47-year-old Female

My Note: In this first case, Cayce begins with this statement: “The entity may complete its earth's experience in the present, if it so chooses.” Cayce goes on to say, “A golden cord runs through the astrological, the numerological, and the earth's experiences of this entity”

Cayce added this: “In giving that which may be helpful or beneficial to the entity in making application of those things that have and do become a part of its present experience, it is well that much that may be given be kept, be presented to others, that they, too, may take hope, may know there is STILL that hope in the LIVING of those influences, those creative energies that bring into the experiences of man the knowledge of the at-oneness with that Creative Force, that Mighty I AM Presence that exists, which the Giver of the good gifts has given to all.”

Here is a directive that Cayce gave to her: “In its associations with others the entity needs to forget those things that have made for hardships, that have made for misunderstandings in relationships as one to another - whether with individuals or with groups; though the entity may find oft that it requires that self turn within, that the consciousness of His Presence abiding may direct. Thus may there be brought peace and patience, as an ACTIVE force; not as a passive influence in the experience of self but as an ACTIVE influence!”

Next Cayce identifies one of her weaknesses that has finally been overcome: “This [her interaction with others] has brought into self that association where tolerance has not ALWAYS been felt, as may be seen through the appearances of the entity in the earth; not tolerance as a passive thing but tolerance as an active force! For while each soul, each expression may have the right of its own opinion and its own activity, it should not only say so but act in such a manner; knowing that each soul is destined to become a portion again of the First Cause, or back to its Maker. And as there is the awareness of its individuality, its ability to apply its portion, the SOUL-portion of the Creative Forces or Energies or God within itself, it builds that in a soul-body which may be One with that Creative Force. For while flesh and blood that is of the earth-earthy may not gain or know glory, the body - the REAL body; not the superficial but the REAL body - may become aware of its presence in the Presence of the body of God and among its brethren, and a portion of that Whole.”

  1. Case #569, 45-year-old Female

My Note: In this next life reading, Cayce gives much detail and guidance, then calmly ends the reading with this statement: “Through your own efforts in self there need not be the necessity in returning to earth's plane.”

Cayce then explained that she was: “One that is considered peculiar by many, in its action, in its thought. One that is in the influence of love's forces ever. One that is lover of nature, of developing nature in every way, in the beauties in nature, in flowers, in music, in art, in every nature of the studies and the spirit as is manifest in same, and we shall see from the position many of these urges are taken. One that may give much joy to many peoples, always giving, giving, more than ever receiving.”

Cayce ended her message with this: “As to that which the entity may develop in the present sphere, keep in that same way as has been set in self, in purpose and in manner, for through your own efforts in self there need not be the necessity in returning to earth's plane [Cayce’s stenograpther, Gladys Davis added this note: “She wrote that she considers this earthly life to be a ‘vale of tears.’”], for as is set, and if kept, these would develop into the higher spiritual realms, and then keep self in that way that leads to life ever-lasting, for in Him whom you have put your trust is Life, for He is the Way, the Truth, the Light. In Him there is no guile.”

  1. Case #560, 58-year-old Female

My Note: In this next case, Cayce identifies this entity’s readiness to move beyond Earth life: “The Earth need hold no cares for the entity in or after this experience.”

Cayce then encouraged her to: “In the present, then, keep - as was in old - those experiences that make for the UNDERSTANDING of those forces IN love as were manifested in the home in Bethany. Keep that committed, for those that seek THROUGH love will find. Those that seek through any OTHER source may be dumbfounded in the maze of that as is presented. Ready for questions.

“Q: What was the name in Bethany? [One of the past lives that Cayce gave her.]

“A: The one, the sister to Mary - Martha.

“Q: Why has the entity so much fear in the present?

“A: The experiences of the entity through the various appearances has brought those of fear in MANY, as is seen. In the present then, there will be seen, as through that which brought fear in a PHYSICAL sense, will be eradicated through the awakening in the spiritual application OF material, as well as physical activities. See?”

Apparently, this is the reincarnation of the biblical Martha, sister of resurrected Lazarus! Here’s a pertinent passage in the Bible: “Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to Jesus and asked, ‘Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!’ Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed ­– or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.’” (Luke 10:40-42) As you may recall, Mary chose to sit next to Jesus listening to his teachings, ignoring the preparations for a gathering of many people to see their resurrected brother Lazarus.

  1. Case #1143, 48-year-old Female

In this next life reading, Cayce frees the soul of 1143 from future challenges in the Earth with these words: “THIS ENTITY may, with the keeping of those developments, make its peace in such a manner as for there to be few or none of the turmoils of the earth in its experience again.”

Here again Cayce identifies hardships and how she made the best of them: “For while throughout the experiences and sojourns in the earth turmoils of many natures have arisen, especially upon large scales of antagonistic influence, troublesome periods by animosities and waywardnesses upon the part of individuals and groups and masses about the entity, with these the entity has kept an equal balance, especially in what may be termed in words as tolerance. And - as is the fruit of same - patience, as engendered by mercy, has accompanied these experiences.”

Clearly the past lives of these four souls were not necessarily pleasant and easy – in fact, they were difficult lives. However, the difficulties appeared to have helped them develop attitudes and perspectives that freed them from needing further incarnations. Yes, there is life beyond Earth for we are celestial beings only temporarily incarnating in this world.

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