"Member Experiments" with the Readings 
By Kevin J. Todeschi


This summer, Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. will be launching a brand new membership benefit as part of our quarterly newsletter. Titled "An A.R.E. Member Experiment," this benefit will provide members with the hands-on opportunities to research, explore, and apply specific ideas found in the Edgar Cayce readings. The variety of topics that will be covered were originally suggested to individuals during their reading as a way to address an issue or concern or to improve their life.

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For example, the first Member Experiment will be about "Experiencing Telepathy." We will provide members with the same instructions given to a 38-year-old insurance agent who asked Edgar Cayce for a technique he could use to have a personal experience with telepathy. Cayce gave the individual simple directions for him to try with a friend for 20 consecutive days. In the end, Cayce promised that both of them would understand the "key to telepathy."


The second Member Experiment will provide members with a simple technique that the readings gave for working with prayer for guidance. Other experiments will include concepts from the Cayce material on health, dreams, personal spirituality, meditation, and so forth.


Each experiment will include the opportunity for members to submit feedback detailing their experiences and any notable results. A place for providing personal feedback working with these specific concepts suggested by the readings will be a part of each Member Experiment and can be submitted via the mail or online. All experiments will be available in the member-only section of our website at EdgarCayce.org/members. Offering "feedback" will be optional and specific results will be kept confidential but we plan to report on general results in subsequent newsletters.


glassesIndividual "research" has long been an important component of personal application of the Edgar Cayce readings. In fact, it is part of our name: the Association for Research and Enlightenment! The term "association" suggests that we are a community of individuals who share a common interest. That interest is, in part, individual research and application of concepts in the Edgar Cayce readings for personal enlightenment. Do you need help with meditation? Check out what the readings suggest and then apply that in your own life. Looking for ways to heal a longstanding problem in a relationship? Research the readings and then do what others have done before you. Have a problem with allergies? The readings have suggestions that could be helpful, as well. The list is virtually limitless. Obviously, over the years, much of the "readings research" has been done for us and has resulted in a wealth of materials: books, blogs, articles, circulating files, videos, conferences, online programs, etc. The key to experiencing "enlightenment" in terms of anything we hope to achieve is obviously personal application.


When a 28-year-old electrical engineer who was interested in research and education asked about how he might best present the work of Edgar Cayce to the scientific and university communities, Cayce suggested the focus of his attention should be on "personal application." (1249-1) That personal application is what these Member Experiments are all about-short-term application of concepts and ideas that can make a difference in daily life.


This new A.R.E. Member benefit actually grew out of a conversation I was having with Claire Levy, one of our board members, who wondered whether or not members might be interested in "trying activities together" that were based on the readings and would take place over a limited period of time. I came up with the "Member Experiment" title, which is based on suggestions and ideas that Edgar Cayce has given to specific individuals on a wide range of topics. When I mentioned the idea to our Membership department, there was widespread enthusiasm and the new benefit was born! [Thank you, Claire!]


Anyone who has ever participated in A.R.E.'s "A Search for God" Study Group  program knows how fascinating it can be to apply some of ideas in the readings and then watch the results. I remember one of the first things I tried to apply in my study group was the application of this simple idea: rather than averting your eyes when you pass someone in the hallway, at the store, or on the street, look into their eyes, smile, and think to yourself, "I salute the light of God in you." That simple affirmation, applied for one week my first time, created a whole level of understanding of how connected we truly are to one another. Lots of people smiled back. I had many individuals say, "Hello." Some stopped to speak to me and carry on a conversation. It was like I had a whole community of acquaintances out there who were somehow connected to me that I had simply walked by previously. The experience has remained unforgettable (and I have repeated it over the years).


Membership ButtonI am also excited that these Member Experiments will encourage our members to explore the "Member-Only" section  of our website. In addition to the entire 24-million-word Edgar Cayce readings database, there is a wealth of information: articles, video presentations, archival materials, and more, that many of our members have yet to discover.


I truly look forward to these A.R.E. Member Experiments, and I hope you do to!


Look for your first experiment in the Summer 2016 Newsletter. Not yet a member? Join today!





Kevin Todeschi 180 pxKevin J. Todeschi is Executive Director and CEO of the Edgar Cayce work (EdgarCayce.org). As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for more than 35 years, he is the author of over 25 books, including the bestselling Edgar Cayce On the Akashic Records, Dream Images and Symbols, and his most recent (with Henry Reed), Contemporary Cayce.