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Let’s begin with Jesus’ instructions to us: The ultimate teacher and comforter is an infinite, sacred spirit, often called the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. As a spirit or ghost it can only be accessed in a non-physical manner. One must sense the presence of the infinite sacred spirit with one’s inner senses. The outer five senses work very well in this physical world, but to reach the metaphysical one must develop their inner senses. These are well known but not well practiced. They are clairvoyance, claireaudience, clairesentience and the like, with “claire” meaning clear. They are clear seeing, clear hearing, clear sensing and so on. They do not use the physical eyes, ears, or hands. The seeing is done with our mind’s eye. When it comes to hearing it is as Elijah shared: “A still, small voice within.” How do we hear a “still voice”? For me it came as a “knowing,” as a subtle perception that came out of nowhere and everywhere. Early in my search and training it felt like a voice from beyond me, but later as I grew into the oneness of all life, it was a part of the infinite to which my inner self belonged.

To this teaching about the Holy Spirit Jesus added: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8) It’s guaranteed. One need only to seek a connect to their divine nature, and all the forces of heaven will aid in the effort.

Cayce added very specific means. He listed dreams, meditation, and practicing the fruits of the spirit. These will naturally bring the spirit alive again within us.

The teachings from the Eastern world brought us details about our metaphysical structure inside our physical bodies. The Yoga Sutra revealed that our cerebrospinal system is the sacred sushumna channel, our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are ida and pingala. The spiritual centers within our bodies are wheels of energy called chakras. The spiritual wisdom latent within us are lotuses (padmes) waiting to be opened. Cayce added his insights into human anatomy to these yoga teachings. To the Chinese Taoist (also spelled Daoist) breathing methods Cayce added his alternate-nostril breath method, which works with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, a discovery in the Western world.

Now let’s look into one of Cayce’s channeled teachings related to this topic.

Edgar Cayce: “All force is as one force. Hence the universal forces. All knowledge is as one knowledge. hence may be attained from the universal knowledge.” (ECRL 254-30)

This Cayce teaching is difficult to read, so I’ve edited it for clarity, focus on the topic, and our modern English. When Cayce says something that I know a little about, I’ll interject my details like this [details]. The teaching is numbered 1646-1 for a 58-year-old patient seeking heavenly help to improve his physical health. He is interested in how his guardian angel may be able to help. His Cayce’s reply:

“The guardian angel is the companion of each soul as it enters a material experience. It is ever an influence keeping an attunement between the creative energies of the soul-entity and health, life, enlightenment, and immortality. … And as may be experienced in the activities of individuals, it [the guardian influence] may become so accentuated as to be the greater influence in their experience. God has not willed that any soul should perish but has with every temptation, with every condition prepared an association, an activity, a manner, a way for the regeneration of those influences that may overcome fear or any of those things that would separate a soul from the Creative Forces.” [Cayce is explaining that the loss of “health, life, enlightenment, and immortality” may be regenerated.]            

“Hence, as has been indicated for this body here, the physical adjustments are necessary; but it is just as necessary for the energies of the body to be attuned to the spiritual and mental self – through the closer association and walk with creative energies within self.            

“All must coordinate. Just as in the Godhead – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – so within self: Body, Mind, Soul. Mind is the Builder; Mind is the Way – as the Christ-Consciousness. [In another reading Cayce explained that Jesus Christ’s consciousness was consciousness of God, the Father.] As it is directed then through the influences of the bodily functions, it becomes aware of its oneness. Then, the guardian force may be at-one with the whole of the purposes, desires, and will of the individual.            

“Do these things that will bring to the physical forces a better cooperation and coordination; and the at-onement with the Creative Forces will bring better reactions in every manner.            

“(Q) Is it through the guardian angel that God speaks to the individual?            

“(A) As He has given: “Abide in me and I in you, and as the Father abides in me, so may we make our abode with you.”            

“Then as the guardian influence or angel is ever before the face of the Father, through same may that influence ever speak – but only by that which is your ideal. [This is a strange but significant Cayce teaching. We must know our heart, our motivations for they act like a standard in us, an ideal that we live by. If that ideal is selfish, then we can't expand our consciousness or raise our bodily energies. Watch how Cayce goes on in the next sentences.]            

“What is thy ideal? In whom have you believed, as well as in what have you believed? Is that in which you have believed able to keep ever before you that you commit unto Him?            

“Yes – through your angel, through yourself that is the angel – does that self speak with your Ideal!” (ECRL 1646-1)            

Notice this last line, because it reinforces the teaching that we are of Divine origin and, despite our present physical condition, we remain connected to our Creator through an unseen portion of our being that is angelic: “through yourself that is the angel.”


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