Edgar Cayce on Earth Changes
Our Fascination with Cataclysmic Change


Kevin J. Todeschi


In 1974 I began my involvement with the Edgar Cayce material. In that same year I became convinced that I needed to be living and working in Virginia Beach, Virginia, no later than December 31, 1982. My justification for moving within that time-frame was what I thought at the time were Cayce’s earth change prophecies coupled with an astronomer’s prediction of “the Jupiter Effect” – a planetary alignment that was expected to place excessive strain on continental-plates and fault-lines already stressed to the breaking point.


During the eight years between 1974 and 1982, I became focused on “when and how” I would finally make the move from Colorado to the beach. My friends and family became confused, concerned, even frustrated about my complete determination. But there was no convincing me otherwise; I had to get to Virginia Beach. My conviction about the impending “Big One” was so complete that I remember telling a number of individuals that a car I had purchased in 1980 would be “my last car” since the world as we knew it would soon cease to exist. (I have replaced my automobile many times since then.)


I made several visits to Virginia Beach before the actual move. I even made an aborted “move” to the area for a brief two months in 1980. Finally I achieved my goal within the self-imposed time-constraints and landed at the Norfolk, Virginia airport on December 26, 1982. I started work as a member of the A.R.E. staff the very next day.


Shortly after I joined the staff, I began talking with people on the phone about their own “sense of urgency” in regards to the impending disasters. At the time I was eager to send out as many “Moving to Virginia Beach” packets as were requested. I (like many others) was still convinced that the “Big One” was just around the corner. Even though the long-awaited Jupiter Effect had come and gone – without apparent physical happening – I just knew the time was short. Since then I have come to recognize this feeling of urgency to be more of a call-to-change rather than a call-to-move.


For the next several years I continued to be convinced that the quakes were coming. In time, however, I began to grow frustrated by the number of people who were not only convinced that the era of the big quakes was upon us, but who also seemed to be looking forward to them. In fact, I was surprised at how many of us involved in this type of work were eagerly waiting for God to somehow “wipe the slate clean” so that we could just simply start all over.




Kevin Todeschi is A.R.E.'s Executive Director and CEO. As both student and teacher of the Edgar Cayce material for thirty years, he is the author of over twenty books, including his most recent, God In Real Life: Personal Encounters with the Divine, and the bestselling Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a straightforward and easy to understand manner, Kevin is popular for his insight and his sense of humor.



Copyright 2009, Kevin J. Todeschi