That a Few Might Remember

By Shirley Rabb Winston 

I was standing high on the hill with Hugh Lynn Cayce under the fig tree that Edgar Cayce had planted. Just behind us was the small white building, which housed the workshop and Ed Pankowski’s quarters. To our right was the Hospital building, shining brightly in the sun – a fresh coat of paint showing off the light blue awning fluttering in the ocean breeze. To the left was the Press Auditorium building of white concrete and directly in front of us the new Library Conference building was under construction.

Ruth Lenoir, Edgar Cayce’s choice for the serenity of the “Glad Helpers” meditation and healing group and I had the day before climbed the skeletal structure and in the space which would become the meditation room, we prayed for all those people who would profit from the knowledge gained in this building.

I glanced at Hugh Lynn Cayce and his eyes were focused on the ocean. Beyond the building the vast Atlantic flexed its power in the waves. Edgar had been told to come here and live near the ocean from which he could draw energy.

Hugh Lynn raised his arm and in one sweeping gesture included the A.R.E. complex. “Do you know why I have done all this?” he leaned to me for an answer. “I could only guess Hugh Lynn – tell me why.” “That a few might remember.” He spoke so softly and I had to strain to hear his words over the sea wind whistling past my ears. He turned away and walked down to the new structure. His answer was more enigmatic than his question.

Even as I write this, I recognize myself in this magic maze. I can name at least thirty

people who have become important in the Work of the A.R.E. who attended their first program when I

was a lecturer. It was not that they were attracted to me, but in the process of the lectures there was

triggered a memory which immediately pulled them into further realization of our purpose and our


By Shirley Rabb Winston



Bio: Shirley Rabb Winston was a speaker and staff member for A.R.E. starting in the mid-1960s. In 1968, she moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. She became of student of the Cayce material. Her expertise lay in past-life theory. In 1964, she participated in one of the first workshops on reincarnation held at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. During the 1970s and 1980s, she served as conference coordinator and as a speaker on behalf of the A.R.E. She lectured on Atlantis and pre-history, dreams, meditation, symbology, and the relationship between the Bible and contemporary psychic experience.

She published her book Music as the Bridge with the A.R.E. Press in 1972. She died on January 24, 2002 at the age of 81.

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