Is it surprising to hear that you are one of the members on your spiritual guidance squad—the group of angels, ancestors, and other spiritual beings committed to helping you? 

The angels tell me that your own soul, or higher self, is actually the most crucial member of your squad. Higher self is a phrase you might have heard thrown around in spiritual circles, and you may have found it confusing. After all, who is this doppelganger claiming to be your higher self? Is your higher self-making out with your partner or dipping into your savings when you’re not looking? And if you have a higher self, does that mean you are somehow less or lower? 

The first thing to understand is that your higher self is an aspect of you that is extremely wise and connected to Spirit. So, your higher self is part of you... yet it is also separate from you, in the same way that Spirit or God or the universe is part of you but separate from you. The world of the Divine is more about “yes, and” than “either, or.” 

Your higher self can see beyond the surface meanings of things and easily access the big picture (and I mean the really big picture—like past lives you’ve had and specific things you are on earth in this lifetime to accomplish). That’s because your higher self is not attached to this life as much as you are. Your higher self is more of an “observer,” while your human self is down here doing the grunt work—getting your heart broken, taking risks, worrying about the rent. The fact that your higher self is more detached is part of why it’s wiser. 

One of the best ways to align with your higher self’s wisdom is through your intuition or sixth sense. And if your soul is the most crucial member of your squad, it’s probably good to get in the habit of connecting with this part of yourself more often. “What does my heart say?” or “What does my heart want?” are popular questions in today’s culture, when we are trying to teach people to be more emotionally intelligent and get in touch with their energetic hearts. In addition, you might also get your soul’s take on a situation. The best word to describe your soul, by far, is expansive. Answers or advice from your soul will, again, be big-picture advice that take everything into account, and in soul language “everything” can be a lot—your highest good, as well as the highest good of everyone involved in a situation. Soul guidance will also be more emotionally detached. That does not mean your soul is cold, but rather that it can rise above intense, conflicting emotions and see the forest for the trees. 

Angel exercise: Getting Advice from Your Higher Self 

For this exercise, you will only need a journal and a quiet place where you can sit undisturbed. The goal is to get you in the practice of asking your soul or higher self for advice. Not only can your higher self-help you make decisions, but it can also help you see the big picture of whatever situation or relationship you’re in. 

Read each question silently, and then try to let your thinking mind be still or blank (picturing a still pond helps me) while you wait to hear an answer from your soul. Answers could come as an aha thought, gut instinct, voice, picture in your mind, or a knowing. When you receive an answer, write it down in your journal. Remember that your heart is connected to your soul or higher self, but usually your soul can put emotions into perspective. 

  1. Where is divine timing a major factor in my life right now, either because something was brought to me sooner than I felt ready for it or because I feel frustrated waiting for something I have wanted for a while? 
  2. Where or with whom might I soften my approach?
  3. What recently entered my life that is part of the big plan for my soul in this lifetime?
  4. What am I longing for or desiring that would not be for my highest good?
  5. What am I avoiding in my life right now that is more important or serious than I realize?
  6. Who or what is waiting for me to make the first move?
  7. What have I been curious about or interested in lately that is actually a nudge from my soul?
  8. What are some of my callings or things I’m meant to do here on earth?
  9. Which relationships in my life have great potential on a soul level?
  10. What friend, loved one, or coworker might I be more mindful of or spend more time with because their soul would benefit from some extra TLC?
  11. What was the deeper meaning, in a big picture sense, of a loss I experienced that has been difficult to get over?
  12. Was there a silver lining or blessing in disguise to this loss, no matter how small, that could help in my healing?

This is an excerpt from Tanya Carroll Richardson's book Angel Intuition: A Psychic’s Guide to the Language of Angels.  

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