The Importance of Ideals
By Kevin J. Todeschi


At different periods in our lives, all of us struggle with what we should be doing, where we should be going, or how we might possibly fill that special niche which God has in mind for us. We often find ourselves searching for something, yet unsure what it is. One of the most frequently mentioned principles in the Edgar Cayce readings is the concept of “ideals,” and it’s that very same principle that can provide us with an approach to answering this inner call.

Because the readings recommend writing down our ideals—physically, mentally, and spiritually—we might believe this is a one-time assignment. We might assume that filling in columns on an ideals chart or jotting down notes will be something never again wrestled with once set on paper. And yet, Cayce made it clear that working with ideals should become a frequent activity in our lives—one in which we’re challenged, encouraged, and even prodded to begin a personal masterpiece at a soul level. From this approach, the readings’ insights on ideals provides assistance in helping us manifest in our lives the very best we have to offer our world, our God, and ourselves.


In simplest terms an ideal is the motivating influence of our lives. It undergirds the intentionality of why we do what we do. It is like a North Star that guides us in the dark of night—allowing us to focus on the direction in which we wish to be headed.


Whereas a “goal” is something attainable, in Cayce’s terminology an “ideal” always keeps challenging and stretching us. It’s really a motivating pattern that guides our lives. A personal ideal is like the rays of the sun that can warm our faces as we’re pointed towards it. You can’t help but know when you’re looking at it head-on!


What may be surprising from the readings’ perspective is that everyone works with ideals, even if it’s done unconsciously. For example, in reading #1011-1 the person was told, “Each individual entity, whether aware of same or not, sets before self an ideal in the material world, in the mental world, in the spiritual world.”


Ultimately, that which an individual dwells upon, he or she then becomes.


Since ideals shape our lives, our experiences, and even who we’re becoming, then, by definition, they must be extremely important. But Cayce goes even one step further. As he told one person: “Then the more important, the most important experience of this or any individual entity is to first know what is the ideal—spiritually.”
(Edgar Cayce Reading 357-13)


Not only is it very important, it is the most important thing we can do.


Kevin Todeschi 2001 conffKevin J. Todesch is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. and Atlantic University, as well as a popular author and conference speaker. As both student and teacher of the Cayce material for more than thirty years, he has lectured on five continents. A prolific writer, he is the author of twenty books including best-sellers Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, and Edgar Cayce on Vibrations. His latest book, Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors: Learn to Understand Color and See Auras was written with professional psychic Carol Ann Liaros and explores tools for seeing the human aura and for understanding the interpretation of color.


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