What is love? And more importantly who makes this decision? Who is set to decide what Love truly is?

It is certainly not Haddaway in the song “What is Love?” where his lyrics describe love in fear, hurt, and pain. That love takes on a human form of desperation and confusion, an abandonment of the true calling of love.

Edgar Cayce’s readings mention love in over 3,000 of his documents. The word “love” dominates his visionary searches on par with the subjects of light, spirit, and soul. Throughout his readings, many conversations include questions on finding love, the love of material things, expressions of love, working with the spirit of love, and, most importantly, love as the guiding principle and answer to it all.

In his readings, Mr. Cayce speaks of love as a governing principal behind human enlightenment. Using the forces of love to recognize our true nature in one another as beings of light and love. He speaks of universal love as a necessary component for unity of purpose and desire, both for individuals and as a group consciousness. In his visions, finding love means finding self, finding love means being the vessel for others to find love within themselves.

When we find ourselves in oneness with the whole, we actually find ourselves united with the universal consciousness, universal truth, and universal love of the divine. In our relationship with our soul, we unfold the magic of our inner self as beings of light in alignment to the Creative Forces or expression of God.

When Rumi speaks of love in his famous quote: “Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” he speaks of our own soul’s true surrender to the beauty of creation, beauty of love, and ultimately the recognition of our own divinity. Recognizing the true potential of our soul to follow what we love, in love, blindly, fulfilling our purpose in this plane, to let our own unique version of love shine through in everything we offer.

With an unlimited number of ways to “kneel and kiss the ground,” we offer our humble grace to the world of creation and honor our own commitment to oneness in love. Our reflective, unlimited light shines forth to the universal truth of our divinity and in that love, we recognize our unlimited potential.

We come into this world as empty vessels of love and light, ready to fulfill our purpose of creation. We walk this plane, seeking, asking, questioning, and ultimately gaining awareness of ourselves as universal beings of love. Our purpose in every lifetime is to fill ourselves and those around us with this elixir of love, full to the brim, spilling over into the universe with abundance, light, and generosity.

Our universal take on cooperation, oneness, and the true connection to God and all that is divine is embedded in our DNA, like drops of water embedded into the ocean. There is no separation between us and divinity; the divinity of God lives within us. In fact, the divinity of God is the Love we seek.

So, ultimately, what is Love? Love is simply the knowledge and surrender to the vastness of our divinity, and no one is there to make this decision for us. We are the creators of our own connection to the divine; we are our own architects of love. The answer to the universal truth of love is birthed within us from initial creation of the universe, like a seed born into each life, waiting to blossom into the divine that is ourselves as we live our lives.

We present ourselves forth, in our spiritual quest to gain universal knowledge of the truth that already lives within us; knowledge that Love is the universal answer. It carries power, it carries hope, and all forces of survival. It’s the glue that holds our world together, like a magic substance that feeds our soul, feeds our life, and makes us wholly divine. In essence, we can’t separate ourselves from our truth.

In the ultimate inspiration for the topic of Love and its truth, both by Haddaway, Mr. Cayce, his clients, and billions of other human souls who spend countless hours contemplating love, Love has been found! And through the surrender to the soul of our divinity we can let its seed grow and be free. Being One in Love and its Universal Power.