Each day brings more challenge, more hardship, more suffering. Our hearts are breaking, our patience is waning, and there is no end in sight. Events appear cosmic, beyond our control. Yet, we are far from powerless. When we come together as One, we have the power to transform our world.

A single act of kindness, like a single drop of rain, might have little noticeable effect. But millions of raindrops falling together can form a channel capable of breaking through the strongest dam. In the same way, the accumulated grace of a million acts of kindness, channeled by shared intention, can break through the barrier of ruthless selfishness, flooding the earth with new life. That is the power of One.

What then can we do to exercise this power? How can we come together at a time when we cannot be together physically?

“Come together in ONE mind, as ONE purpose, ONE designated, as one,…” 

-Edgar Cayce reading 281-2

To intentionally come together in spirit, mind, and purpose, attune yourself to the Divine within, as you do in meditation. Surrender to your longing for wholeness. Know you are One with each other and with all Being. See and feel the light of love. This is your sacred place.

If you are among those who have found peace within, despite the turmoil without, this can be a time of spiritual growth. Do not feel guilty if you experience beauty, love, or happiness; if you sing, dance, or have fun. Feeling good does not mean you are indifferent to the suffering of others, or that others will suffer in your place. You do not help others by being depressed and without energy. You help by raising positive vibrations; beautiful, happy, bright vibrations.

“As life is the manifestation of the Creative Forces, and as the beauties of same manifest themselves in nature, in all of its songs and in all of its beauty of every character, so may the song of the heart find hope and peace!”                   

-Edgar Cayce reading 1641-1 

Although apart, we can come together in purpose through united prayer. Praying from the Divine within us to the Divine within others, we can encourage one another to manifest our best selves, even in horrendous circumstances. By praying together with one mind, one spirit, and one intention, we can feed the hungry, care for the sick, comfort the grieving.

People feel isolated and afraid. Send them light and love. The energy and vibration of love is the energy and vibration of creation. The energy and vibration of light is life itself. What more powerful support can we offer than countless souls vibrating with light and love as One?

“Whether in the spiritual or physical, ACTION is necessary to put cooperation into operation - thus those who would come together for a common cause must have UNITED ACTION in pursuit of, and even the realization of, a common end.”                                                                  

-Edgar Cayce reading 262-5

What kind of world would you like to create? Use your imagination to envision a better world, a world in which people bound together in love live in accord with all creation. If you cannot imagine such a world, think of a picture, song, or poem that expresses universal love.

An image that touched many of us in the 1960s came from a Coca Cola commercial. It showed people from all over the world on a mountaintop; with joined hands and smiling faces, they blessed the world with song. The feeling of communal love images like this evoke helps us trust such a world is possible. With only a few word changes, the song expresses universal love:

“I'd like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love,
Grow apple trees, and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves.
I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony;
I'd like to fill the world with hope and keep it company.

“Oh, love, it's the real thing.
What the world needs today, love’s the real thing.

Use whatever inspires you to envision a better world, whether it’s firemen honoring doctors and nurses on the streets of New York, mass demonstrations for social justice, or a rocket carrying humans into outer space. By imagining a world in which people joyfully come together for the good of all, we can make our shared vision real, for “mind is the builder.”

People come and keep coming and some, ‘the chosen,’ stay and start helping to make the dream come true of a better world with caring, sharing, aware people in it. We have come with stars in our eyes - may they keep shining. 

- Edgar Cayce reading 254-20

Our world is shaken, crumbling. We will build something new from the rubble. Until then, use the power of One. Establish a ritual to pray with others in your sacred place. Raise your vibration through meditation and joyful living. Envision a better world. There is no need to fear; we do not face the darkness alone. We stand together as One in the Divine light of love, and angels have our back.

“Be not afraid, ever surrounding self with His presence of love; for He hast given His angels charge concerning thee, that they bear thee up, that thou stumblest not when thou wouldst aid.”

-Edgar Cayce reading 281-12