If you are like me, you might have been born with the gift of communicating with people in the spirit realm. Throughout my childhood and for most of my adult life, I did not see this as a “gift” but as a “curse.” I now feel it was because of other people’s fears and my own lack of understanding about this ability that led me to believe that I was strange and different. Today, as a confident and proud professional medium, I can say that I am very blessed to have this gift of mediumship, and to assist others with grief recovery, closure, moving them along on their life path, and helping to heal their soul.

Mediums have the ability to connect others with their loved ones in spirit. We can unlock closed-minds and open hardened-hearts. We have free will whether to use this amazing gift or not. I can personally say, if you decide to move forward with your mediumship, you will be on a spiritual path full of daily miracles—for you and your clients.

What do clients expect from a medium and their readings? Without exception, client’s demand accuracy. There is no way you can build good will and a client base without achieving a high degree of accuracy with your readings. That means if you are giving evidence that a deceased son used to have a guitar, it better not have been a horn. And, if you say guitar, as an evidential medium, you need to say it was a Fender, green glitter guitar that had a scratch on the left side of it. The “hits” are in the details! This is the level of accuracy your clients expect in their readings. Accuracy in mediumship helps skeptical minds realize that mediumship is real and that you are actually speaking to their loved one that has crossed over.

What do spirit people expect from you? They ONLY want you to say what they tell you and NOT to embellish upon what they are trying to communicate. NEVER fill in what you are getting from spirit to make sense out of a reading. That is not mediumship. Let the communication unfold. Follow where spirit takes you, even if you are the last one to know what they are trying to say.

Being a professional medium and reading people around the world, there are things I have discovered. The most prevalent thing I find is that most people have too little self-love and too much inner doubt. I also find many people have lost their connection with the Divine, and as a consequence, have a “lost feeling.” I find that through the gift of mediumship, I can offer them hope that their loved ones that have crossed-over are “okay” and in a place of abundant love where all their needs are being met. I call this place “Heaven,” which I have seen in my own near-death experiences. This place is more beautiful that you can imagine. There is a Divine love that knows each of us personally and cares about our happiness in life.

The main purpose of mediumship is to give undeniable evidence that there is an afterlife. Giving others proof shakes them out of their head and back into their hearts, where God connects with all of us. Mediumship is done through the heart—from our own spirit, through spirit, to spirit. Therefore, having an open heart and connecting to the Divine is essential in being a clear channel for spirit to blend and communicate through.

Mediumship is not about “parlor tricks,” or self-glorification, but showing grace and evidence in your readings. Many times, I will see a medium that is so busy trying to get “hits” for the audience that they ramble off an evidential checklist but never acknowledge the person standing right in front of them. There is responsibility that comes with “reading” people. ALWAYS remember that ethics, honesty, humility and kindness are key components to your mediumship. Surrendering and trusting in, “God and spirit,” is essential. You just need to ask your heavenly “posse” for help, and they are always there. Expect greatness in yourself and take steps toward understanding how you can serve spirit for the highest good of all.